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Marietta Pizza Company—Great Hipster Slice in Georgia

Ms. Pie and I were heading south for our annual summer weekend in Atlanta. That means shopping for her and record stores and pizza for me.  Our first planned stop was lunch, and we chose to visit a sushi place located in Marietta’s cool downtown square. After finishing, I playfully pulled out my iPhone Pizza […]

UPDATE: Fellini’s Pizza in Atlanta

Original Review: 08/01/12 Previous Rating: **** Near Perfection My annual trip to ATL this summer made me realize one thing—the people in that town just don’t appreciate how good Fellini’s Pizza really is. It makes me cringe whenever it fails to be cited on local “best-of” lists. And, I sincerely apologize for not giving it […]

On the Road – Atlanta, GA – Fellini’s Pizza and More

Music City Mike has always loved Atlanta. And living just 3 ½ hours away has made ATL a frequent destination for me to see bands whose tour is skipping Nashville (Radiohead, Springsteen and Nick Lowe so far this year), an occasional Braves game and also to take my lovely wife, Mrs. Sweetie Pie, for a getaway […]