Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fort Worth, TX – Another Pizza Place Named Joe’s

Having free time in a different town sends a consistent message to the Pizza Snob’s brain: “Find  pizza!” It was a stinkin’ hot Texas afternoon, and with some time to kill I searched for a fast slice. My iPhone quickly indicated I was close to Joe’s Pizza & Pasta on Bryant Irvin Road. Of course, […]

Fort Worth’s Campisi’s Pizza—Just a “Cut” Below the Best

One of the benefits of being the Pizza Snob is that everyone wants to take you to a pizza place that they have discovered. My latest such encounter was courtesy of my in-laws (Bud and Ally) in Texas. On my last visit there, they couldn’t wait to take me to Campisi’s Pizza in Fort Worth. […]

No Lie–Great Pie at Northern NJ’s Geppetto’s Pizza

Music City Mike, the other side of my blogging brain, was back in the Garden State again where he was lucky enough to catch another great house concert at Live @ Drew’s in Ringwood, NJ. Bringing food to share is always a big part of the experience, and Drew always has a new suggestion for […]

Broadway Pizza Walk (Bayonne, NJ) Part Four: Late Night at Joe’s Pizzeria

Continuing to explore pizza in the city of my birth, my challenge this time was to see where I could get a slice on Broadway after 11 p.m. on a Friday night. Coming off the New Jersey Turnpike, I headed downtown on a rainy spring evening. Noticing some lights and activity on the northeast corner […]

TOPPINGS – They Built a Better Pizza Box!

In this day and age, it seems that there is nothing that we don’t try to improve upon and make better. Who would have ever thought that this could be said about something as simple as the pizza box. Now we have a simple solution for when you wanted to eat only half a pizza […]

Pizza Land—Soprano’s Joint in North Arlington, NJ Delivers

My friend, Doug the IT Guy, asked me if I had ever been to the pizza place that shows up in the opening credits to The Sopranos (watch here at 1:16).  Pizza Land located on the Belleville Turnpike in North Arlington was the featured joint.  Not only did I not remember seeing it on the show—which […]

Freehold NJ’s Federici’s—Springsteen’s Favorite Pizza Still One of Jersey’s Best

My brother, Dodger Fan, is now used to the fact that spending a day with me often requires more than one pizza experience. True to form, I ended our recent day trip to the Jersey Shore with a visit to a place I can’t believe I overlooked during my days living in the Garden State:  […]