Monthly Archives: December 2016

Kuhl’s Tavern—Another Fabulous Bayonne (NJ) Bar Pie!

Yes, another place in Bayonne. And better yet, it’s a place that serves a classic ultra-thin Bayonne bar pie! I first got word of Kuhl’s Tavern from a reply on the Bayonne Facebook page to my write-up about the great bar pie at The Starting Point. So, late one night while back in my home […]

San Francisco’s Pizzelle Di North Beach – Don’t Let That Big Sign Lure You

On our last full day in Frisco, Mrs. Pie and I spend a good part of a pleasant day on foot. Walking through North Beach with the famous City Lights bookstore on my radar, I saw what may have been the biggest “PIZZA” sign I had ever seen. This sucker was visible from several blocks […]

Marcello’s Pizza – The Snob’s Favorite San Francisco Slice

Wandering around the downtown Market Street area in the late afternoon, I must have passed over at least a dozen pizza joints that simply looked like they’d be awful. However, some iPhone pizza research detected a possible worthy place over in the Castro district. I also was somehow successful in luring Mrs. Pie in that […]

Pizzeria Avellino—Fantastic New York Slice in Frisco

Our busy tourist Saturday in Frisco, including an exhilarating bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, was coming to an end. But as the sun was starting to sink, I knew I could talk my son, the Kid, into grabbing a slice on the ride back home. It was also time to get back to […]

San Francisco’s Slice House by Tony Gemignani—The Place to Go When Big Tony’s Is Crowded

In addition to eating new pizza, I had another mission during my recent San Francisco trip: meet my cousin’s son for the first time. For an educational aside, my research revealed that he is my “first cousin once removed” although it is acceptable for us to refer to each other as nephew and uncle. Our […]

Primo Pizza—A Random Shot at a Slice in San Francisco

Although I was trying to stick to my predetermined pizza program for San Francisco, I simply couldn’t resist making a random attack on an unsuspecting victim. Having now been there a few days, one thing that I noticed while Uber-Pooling it around town, was that there sure was a lot of pizza joints! Most advertised […]

Escape from New York Pizza—More from the San Francisco Slice Tour

It was our second day in San Fran, and Mrs. Pie wanted to shop downtown in the cool swanky mall on Market Street. Still on the early side of lunch time on what for most was a working day, Yelp told me that I was close to one of the Escape from New York Pizza […]