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Slice Works—Somewhat Disappointing Slice in Denver

It was approaching the time when I needed to head to the airport to wing it back home to Tennessee. But, there was still time for one more slice. Continuing to press my luck with the so far successful Thrillist list, I walked over to the Slice Works on 17th Street in LoDo, in the […]

Two-Fisted Mario’s Pizza—Denver Bar Makes Some Fantastic Pizza

My last pizza day in Denver was a downtown jaunt during the Monday lunch hour. Walking along the city streets on a gorgeous spring day, my first target (another from the Thrillist list) was the oddly-named Two-Fisted Mario’s Pizza. On the bottom floor of what looks to be a renovated old warehouse building in LoDo, […]

Fat Sully’s New York Pizza—The Snob’s Favorite Denver Slice

You could imagine my surprise when my Sunday breakfast meeting with a Denver-based friend took me to the delicious Denver Biscuit Company. Located inside a large corner space on Colfax called the Atomic Cowboy, this beer joint houses a two-business collective that also includes Fat Sully’s New York Pizza, another pizza place on my Thrillist […]

Benny Blanco’s Pizza—Punk Rock Pizza in Denver

It was a Sunday and my second day in Denver. After spending a fun afternoon at the ballpark, I took an Uber over to Wax Trax! Records to browse the bins before my next pizza stop off the Thrillist list at the nearby Benny Blanco’s Pizza. I got real eager to visit this place when […]

Denver’s Marquis Pizza—A Masterful Mix of Music and Great Pizza

After a splendid slice at Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, I Ubered over to the part of Denver known as LoDo (short for Lower Downtown). The destination was Marquis Pizza, my second stop off the Thrillist rundown of the best NYC pizza in Denver.  Once only a nighttime place catering to the late-night crowd, Marquis has […]

Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta—Originator of the Great Denver Slice?

The Pizza Snob’s first trip to Denver in over 20 years would of course include as many pizza stops as humanly possible. Confined to the downtown vicinity, I had a stroke of luck finding a 2014 piece by Michael Goodwin on Thrillist titled “Your Guide to Eating NYC-Style Pizza in Denver.” Letting Mr. Goodwin narrow […]

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria—New Design-Your-Own Place Opens in Nashville’s Germantown

The opening of Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria in the Buchanan section of Nashville’s Germantown district attracted a bit of buzz from the local on-line food blogs. While new restaurants happen in Music City faster than new country songs, the photos of this place looked slick, and folks were excited about its location in this […]

UPDATE: Sal’s Pizza in Brentwood, TN Makes Way for Florida Chain

Original Review: 11/12/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING **1/2 Not a Total Waste     Sal’s Pizza in Brentwood tried the impossible task of resurrecting the sacred ground once occupied by  Joey’s House of Pizza. Well, after somehow staying alive for several years, the site has recently given way to a small Florida chain called Westshore Pizza & […]

Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks—Florida Chain Moves to Sacred Ground in Brentwood, TN

The Pizza Snob recently caught some pizza news courtesy of the Nashville Scene weekly. Sal’s Pizza, holder of the sacred pizza ground once occupied by Joey’s House of Pizza in the Maryland Farms area of Nashville suburb, Brentwood, has closed and relinquished its space to Westshore Pizza & Cheesesteaks. Westshore is a Florida chain of […]