Monthly Archives: May 2015

New York City’s Champion Pizza—A Two Dollar Slice in Soho

After scoring at Stromboli Pizza, the Pizza Snob continued his evening walk through the City with no particular place to go. Walking back to the Village, I overheard a young man asking a stranger where he could get a slice of New York pizza. I immediately got nosy, interrupted and took the Californian to Joe’s […]

Manhattan’s Stromboli Pizza—Get a Great Slice on St. Mark’s Place

I couldn’t believe that I had gotten too busy to have mapped out any pizza plans for a recent trip back home. But as fate would have it, my phone rang right as I got off the plane at Newark Airport. It was my biz associate Richard from the Left Coast. Leaving the true nature […]

Peppinos Pizzeria—The Real Deal Finally Comes to Florida’s 30-A

It was once again time for the Pizza Snob’s annual vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast—a beautiful and relaxing place where I could never spend too much time. It also meant that it was time to update the state of the heretofore mediocre pizza pickings on the Panhandle. Well sunshine and pizza lovers, after first […]

UPDATE: 30-A’s Pizza Nona Closes Shop

Latest Review: 06/05/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better than Dominos After surviving two seasons on the Florida Panhandle, Pizza Nona has closed shop for 2015. This unique space set up half-pizzeria and half-ice cream shop didn’t stay closed for long and has reopened this season under new ownership as Peppinos Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shop. […]

Saporito Pizza— Get it Over 20 Different Ways in Springfield, NJ

The Pizza Snob’s Mom and Dad are both 87. Praise God they are both so happy and healthy. I very much look forward to my frequent visits back home to the Pizza State to see them. However, it’s not always easy to get them out to do things. In this regard however, I have learned […]

Pucci’s Pizza—Some Great New York Pizza in Miami

The Pizza Snob was quite excited when his real job sent him to Miami on a secret mission. I hadn’t been there since Dan Marino quarterbacked the Dolphins. Since then, all I heard about was how the city’s chic factor had increased—hopefully though not to where you couldn’t find a good slice of NY pizza. […]

UPDATE: Enzo’s in Florida’s 30A is No More

Latest Review: 08/14/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING ****1/2 Nearer Perfection For the past two years, the dining highlight of our weeklong vacation on the Redneck Riviera has been a visit to Enzo’s Italian Restaurant. Not only was their pizza the best on the Panhandle, but Enzo’s was one of the best casual Italian dining experiences you […]

The Pizza Snob in Fort Worth, TX—A Place for Foodies to Build Their Own

If you google me I come up second. First place goes to The Pizza Snob, a build-your-own pizza restaurant in Fort Worth. Normally I would stay far away from something as untraditional as this, but I just could not resist the temptation to visit a place using my nom de plume. So, the last time […]

Fort Worth’s Picchi Pacchi—Great Pizza from a Place with a Funny Name

The Pizza Snob doesn’t always get his way when it comes to picking the place for a family meal. But that didn’t stop me from making a quick side trip to Picchi Pacchi Pizza & Pasta which I unexpectedly spotted on our way to a fab lunch at downtown Fort Worth’s Bird Cafe. Seeing the […]

Jersey City’s Delenio Italian Restaurant—A Wonderfully Flavorful Pizza

The Pizza Snob has mastered the art of turning just about any family outing into a new pizza experience. On a recent trip back home to the Pizza State, after a morning shopping with Mom, Dad and Mrs. Pie at the Jersey City’s Newport Mall, I managed to maneuver everyone to a late lunch at […]