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Music City Pizza – Who Makes the Best in Nashville?

Music City Mike loves living in Nashville where he’s got great historic live music venues like the Ryman and the Bluebird and hip record stores like Grimeys. But the Snob is also happy as the town on the banks of the Cumberland in the Buckle of the Bible Belt also has great NY-style pie. For starters, […]

Slicing the Pie – How to Cut a Pizza

Although the true source of this tale may be questionable, the great Mickey Mantle attributed it to the legendary Yankee catcher and Yoo-Hoo beverage spokesman, Yogi Berra, who was known for his whimsical quotes: “Whitey (Ford), Yog and I went to a pizza place after a game. The waitress wanted to know if we wanted […]

Pizza On the Road – Louisville, KY

As a part of Music City Mike‘s recent trip to the Forecastle Festival with the I Phone Kid, the Snob got to conduct his first planned pizza-hunting exploration of another city. Louisville has always been one of my favorite places to visit and in the past I had only dined for pie at The Original […]

On the Road with Pie for the People

Well, courtesy of my son, the music festival I phone app developer, Music City Mike was his guest last weekend at the great Forecastle Festival in Louisville (pronounced “Lou-a-ville”). It was my first music festival and it was great to find out that I’m actually not too old to enjoy this kind of thing. Although I’m […]

One Last Slice of New York – Joe’s Pizza

Before my recent trip to New York City, I did a little internet research about joints to visit for the launch of the Snob. Outside of wanting to seek out the original Ray’s, the one place I came across that I just had to visit was Joe’s.  Besides some glowing recommendations, how could I pass […]

Another Slice of New York – Ben’s Pizzeria

After completing my exploration to find the true original Ray’s, I saved some room for a mid-afternoon slice at Ben’s, one of my old familiar pizza joints in Greenwich Village. Ben’s is a place I have frequented many times over the years during my strolls through the Village. It’s got a great location (next to […]

The Pizza Snob Rating System

I was about to release a review of another pizza joint but before I did I thought it best to present and discuss my rating system Here it is: *****   Sets the Standard ****     Near Perfection ***       Better than Domino’s  **        Why Did I Waste Those Calories? *           Should Not Have Been Even Called Pizza Now here is […]

New and Upcoming from the Pizza Snob

While I haven’t necessarily been eating or writing about pizza, I have done a few things that I wanted to tell you all about. First off, we now have our own domain name at We are still in the same place but we are a bit easier to find and hopefully will start to […]

The Price of a Slice

In response to my recent blog, my good friend “West Coast Karl,” who grew up as “East Coast Karl,” said that he remembered the day when slices in Brooklyn went from 15 to 20 cents. Now Karl is a few years older than me, but I do remember my pizza-buying days when I started high […]

A Slice of New York City – the Real Ray’s Pizza

I just love that moment in the 2003 movie Elf where Santa Claus (Ed Asner) is telling Buddy the over-sized elf (Will Ferrell) what New York is like and gives him the three things he should know. He says: “First off, you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn’t free candy. Second, […]