Monthly Archives: December 2014

Rana’s Pizzeria—Bayonne High Schoolers’ Favorite Slice?

Please forgive me for saying it again, but can there really be more pizza places for The Pizza Snob to discover in his hometown? Well, last trip home to Bayonne I found another. On a targeted trek to the now “made-famous-by television” Pizza Linos, I noticed Rana’s Pizzeria, directly across the street from Bayonne High […]

Famous Original Ray’s Pizza – A Lifeless Slice on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

The Pizza Snob had been on such a roll lately (five “five-slice” ratings in a row) that I needed a reality check to see if I had lost my pizza-objectivity. So after a recent late night Manhattan adventure, I moseyed over to the Lower East Side to revisit a place that I recall disappointing me […]

Fiore’s Pizza on Bleecker Street— A Shining Star of a Slice!

You sure see a lot of pizza places when you walk the streets of Manhattan. The Pizza Snob however has self-imposed limitations dealing with time and calories. I therefore try to be selective and rely upon recommendations rather than fearlessly making surprise walk-ins to unfamiliar pizza joints. In the last few years, I must have […]

UPDATE: Nashville’s Five Points Pizza Adds a “Slice Shop”

Original Review: 08/25/12 Updated Review: 09/20/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard I may be slow in spreading this news, but after making my second visit to the new “slice shop” extension of Five Points Pizza, I can control myself no longer. This may just be the greatest thing to happy to pizza in […]

UPDATE: Bayonne’s Ronny’s Pizzeria Closes Shop

Original Review: 05/03/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING ****Near Perfection Last trip home, I was driving up Broadway and noticed that Ronny’s Pizzeria & Restaurant appeared to be closed for business. Sad news since they had not been open for long. With so many pizza places, Bayonne has got to be a tough place to start a […]

Brooklyn’s Table 87—Home of the Coal Oven Slice Makes its Mark

Brooklyn is an awfully big island. Even after all of the times I’ve been there, I still don’t have a good sense of where things are. My alter-blogger Music City Mike ventured to its Gowanus section earlier this year for some live music at the Bell House. In need of a rest stop after parking […]

Basile’s Pizza in Hoboken—The Best Pizza Crust I’ve Ever Had!

The Pizza Snob hadn’t been to Hoboken since legendary music venue Maxwell’s went silent. Last time I was in town though, I had a wonderful “large” slice at Benny Tudino’s. Their five-star delight made me reckon that there would be more great pie to discover in the town I call “Manhattan West.” On a recent […]

Famous Ben’s Pizza of Soho—A New York Slice as Solid as They Come

On a recent trip to New York City, I was determined to do some mop-up work and revisit some pizza joints where I had dined before officially crowning myself the Pizza Snob. My planned stop at Famous Ben’s Pizza of Soho would also hopefully clear up my confusion about the three pizzerias in Lower Manhattan […]