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Arturo’s Coal Oven Pizza—A Thick Pie and a Great New York City Vibe

The Slice website offers a map of the twenty current New York City-Area Coal-Oven Pizzerias. The intense dry heat of a coal oven can produce a charred and crisp pizza crust that is delightfully delicious. I have heard it said that new locations are currently banned for environmental sake, and that a prospective pizza-maker can […]

Lenny’s Pizza– Legendary Joint Still Stands in Brooklyn

When Bro said that he could have eaten another slice after our visit to L&B Spumoni Gardens, he should have known that The Pizza Snob always has a another plan. On my list of Brooklyn joints to visit was Lenny’s Pizza. In business since 1953, John Travolta made Lenny’s famous in Saturday Night Fever, the […]

L&B Spumoni Gardens– A Fabulous Pizza Factory in Brooklyn

Given that Brooklyn is currently the most-happening New York City borough, it’s easy to skip over the old haunts in favor of its new trendy districts. One old area is the busy commercial district that runs along 86th Street. The Pizza Snob found his way there one Saturday morning to finally visit one of the Holy […]