Monthly Archives: August 2015

UPDATE: Louisville’s Papalino’s Pizza Relocates and Rebrands

Original Review: 7/25/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING   *** Better than Dominos OK—here’s my last catch-up entry on changes I have recently come across in the world of pizza. Back in Louisville for my annual trip to hear some great music at the Forecastle Festival, I noticed a vacant storefront on Baxter Road where Papalino’s Pizza once […]

UPDATE: The Bayonne Pizza Shuffle Continues as Lorenzo’s Pizza Moves Uptown and Then Closes

Original Review: 06/14/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING ****Near Perfection Sorry that I am a little slow in this one. As was first reported to me on the pizza-loving Bayonne Facebook page, I recently was back in town and saw for myself that Lorenzo’s Pizza and Pasta had moved. After a brief stay at the old Mario’s […]

UPDATE: The Market Closes for Franklin TN’s Wall Street Pizza

Original Review: 10/16/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** ½ Working on a Good Thing The Pizza Snob isn’t sure exactly when, but the once-promising Wall Street Pizza at the Moores Lane and Franklin Road shopping center has vanished. Their former space has been taken over by the expansion of their former neighbor, the ever-popular Sopapilla’s Mexican […]

Pie Five Pizza Co.–A New Design-Your-Own-Pizza Chain Comes to Nashville

It seemed that there had been a lack of hometown attention from the Nashville-based Pizza Snob. So after “blogging-up” the efforts of my recent pizza travels, it was time once again time to ruffle some local feathers. My first choice for a new victim had been staring me in the face for several months. On […]