Monthly Archives: July 2016

R.I.P.—Bayonne’s Wild Wood Pizza and Penne

So here’s a post-mortem on a pizza joint in my hometown that I never visited. Advertising their wood-fired pizza with the slogan “We do it with wood” had little appeal to me in a town with more conventional pizza ovens than fire hydrants! Sorry, the Snob likes his pizza the old-fashioned way. Although not as […]

More Midtown Manhattan Pizza Adventures—Previti Pizza

Continuing on my mission to “try and save the world from bad pizza,” I followed up my trip to Little Italy Pizza with a visit to another Midtown joint I located through my IPhone. After making the dumb mistake of heading west when I needed to go east, I eventually found Previti Pizza, another joint […]

Midtown Manhattan Pizza Adventures—The “Not So” World Famous Little Italy Pizza

After a morning business meeting in midtown Manhattan, I became unexpectedly free for lunch. Being the lovely early summer day that it was, I thought I would wander about and continue my mission of “trying to save the world from bad pizza.” The source of my pessimistic sentiment was the fact that this part of […]

The Pizza Snob Visits the West Village Two Boots Pizzeria: Flavorfully Fabulous

Sometimes I forget just how much I love Two Boots Pizzeria. It’s been almost three years now since they opened one up in my home turf of Nashville. I have paid it many visits, and some of their special pies even made it to my recent “I’m now really old” birthday party. After a recent […]

Pizza at Bayonne, NJ’s Three Brothers from Italy—Dirty Looks Can Be Deceiving

Recently back home in Bayonne, I stood on a Boulevard street corner talking with a gentleman from the neighborhood. I asked him what he thought of Three Brothers from Italy, the pizza place looming in our background. “Dirty,” was all he said. Looking back, I agree that the storefront of Three Brothers could use a […]

UPDATE: Bayonne’s Pizza Masters Gets a Makeover & a Snob Upgrade

Original Review: 09/22/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING   **** Near Perfection OK-if you live in Bayonne, this is old news to you. But, in the fall of 2014, popular local joint Pizza Masters underwent a massive facelift. In the process, they more than doubled their space, redesigning and moving the counter from left to right and adding […]