Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tommy’s Pizza—An Ugly-Looking Slice in Columbus, Ohio

Music City Mike was in Columbus to see his fave live musical act, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, at the Schottenstein Center on the Ohio State campus. Pre-show I camped out at a nearby Starbucks on Lane Avenue to clear out my e-mail box and write about pizza. Lo and behold across the […]

Columbus, Ohio’s Rubino’s Pizzeria—Charming and Better Chicago-Thin than Donato’s

On an early spring work-related trip to Columbus, I landed in town just in time for a late lunch. It would be pizza of course, and I tracked down a new joint not too far from the airport. Heading southeast into the Columbus suburb of Bexley, I made my way towards Rubino’s Pizzeria. Not that […]

Sharkey’s Square Pizza– Good Squares and Rounds on Staten Island

The Sunday afternoon matinee show at Hamilton Park House Concerts was over, and it was time for another new Staten Island pizza adventure. For the uninformed, the Island is a big place evidenced by its 14 zip codes—so there’s a lot there to seek out. My web wandering found a worthy-sounding place called Sharkey’s Square […]

Val’s Pizzeria – Staten Island Joint Gets It Right

Readers of this space know that I originally hail from the fine city of Bayonne, NJ. What some may not know is that my home town is just a short hop away from New York City’s oft-forgotten borough of Staten Island. It’s a costly place to visit with the only current way of getting there […]

New York City’s Champion Pizza on Essex Street–The Best Slice in Town….not!

I’m confused. There are three pizza joints with the name “Champion” that are in close proximity to one another in Lower Manhattan. The Snob previously scored a decent slice at Champion Pizza Soho over on Cleveland Street. While the one on Ludlow Street remains unexamined, I was recently lured into the Champion Pizza on Essex […]

Nonna’s L.E.S. Pizzeria—Manhattan Home of the “Magic Squares”

As I watched the singer-songwriter at the Mercury Lounge wind down his show-ending encore, I realized that I lacked a new pizza destination for an after-show slice experience. Bad planning aside, I was also thinking that by now I may have also exhausted all of my pizza possibilities on the Lower East Side. So, at […]

Jersey City’s Prince of Pizza— A Solid Slice on the Square

Most Bayonne natives like myself are familiar with Journal Square in Jersey City, our northern neighbor. Having spent my high school years at St. Peter’s Prep in JC, I also became familiar with another smaller square called McGinley. But I was not familiar with Prince of Pizza, a joint that’s been on McGinley Square since […]