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London’s Pizza Express – About What An American Would Expect in England

After my surprising stellar experience at Mulberry Street in Bayswater, I had no desire to try any other London pizza. My travels through various parts of the city over the last two days revealed several pizza offerings, none of which were at all visually appetizing. However, the Snob’s cultural half, Music City Mike, arrived early […]

London, England’s Mulberry Street—New York-Style Pizza Excellence Across the Pond

Courtesy of a business trip, the Pizza Snob made his first trip to London in almost twenty years. While planning my visit, I simply could not resist the temptation to have my first international pizza-eating experience. A web search for “New York-style pizza in London” led me right to Mulberry Street where they boasted of […]

Jersey City’s Stadium Pizza—Nostalgic-Named Pizza Joint Scores Big

Route 440, referred to as the “back highway,” is a four-lane stretch of road running alongside Newark Bay from the end of Bayonne through most of Jersey City. It features an ever changing flow of retail establishments. Stadium Pizza is on the bayside near the Danforth Avenue in Stadium Plaza. Although their menu displays an […]

Crankees Pizzeria—Pizza Truck Fires Up Pies in Music City

Since the great food truck explosion at the turn of the century, the Pizza Snob has had only a few four-wheeled pizza experiences. A few years ago, I tried a truck at the Germantown Festival that I never saw again. Before I took to blogging about pizza, I had a few slices at the great PizzaBuds Truck that has since vanished. Now, there is a new […]

DeSano Pizza & Bakery—Italian Pizza Tradition in Nashville

OK, so I get it. Neapolitan style is the traditional way pizza is made in Italy, and the pies are baked in wood burning ovens using the finest imported ingredients. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. DeSano Pizza & Bakery arrived in Nashville a few years ago to much fanfare. (They also have […]

Al Taglio—New Nashville Convention Center Get a Swanky Pizza Joint

In January, the newly launched Music City Center announced the addition of two adjoining food places to their convention facility: a Dunkin’ Donuts and a pizza place called Al Taglio. These two establishments sit on the southwest corner of the gigantic downtown center at Fifth Avenue South and Korean Veterans Boulevard. Both places are accessible […]

Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 5: Denapoli Krispy Pizza

Walking back home from my Bayonne Pizza Blitz, I thought I was finished until I saw another place that was off my radar. This joint was just a block up from Brothers on the other side of the street. Thinking that I had room for another slice, I thought I’d give this place with an […]

Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 4: La Guardiola Pizzeria

The Bayonne Pizza Blitz continued with a walk further up Broadway. La Guardiola Pizzeria & Bistro was another recommendation from the folks on the Bayonne Facebook page and is a bit more upscale than most of the pizza joints in town. It has a nice European-style café look. Its hip look and fancy tables made […]

Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 3: Pizza Lino’s

I resumed my Bayonne Pizza Blitz by heading across to Avenue A on the west side of town. Pizza Linos was another place recommended by the Bayonne Facebook page, located just a block away from Bayonne High School. Judging by their 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. weekday $1.00 slice special, I suspect they do a […]

Bayonne NJ Pizza Blitz—Part 2: Brother’s Pizza

The next target of my Bayonne Pizza Blitz was just a block up Broadway from Ronny’s Pizzeria and Restaurant.  Brothers Pizza & Pasta was new to me, but many locals on the Bayonne Facebook page said great things about this family-owned and operated business. Entering the small joint, I made my way through a packed […]