Monthly Archives: January 2014

Seven Signs You’re Getting a Good Slice of Pizza

Having done the Pizza Snob blog for almost two years now, I thought it was a good time to summarize the things I look for when searching for my next great slice of New York-style pie. Here is my step-by-step guide: 1.      The name of the joint is simple and appealing. This is ground that […]

Jersey City’s Carmine’s Pizza Factory—Perfect Pizza from Some Great Pizza Tossers

Now that all the record and book stores have gone away, shopping at the mall just ain’t what it used to be for The Pizza Snob.  It’s just all clothes!  So, when Ms. Pie wanted to take my Mom and Dad to Jersey City’s Newport Mall, I found myself a pizza diversion–Carmine’s Pizza Factory just […]

Bayonne, NJ’s Big Apple—Watch Some Sports and Eat Some Great Pizza!

These days, when the Snob goes back home to Bayonne, he fills in his trips to the famous pizza joints in Manhattan and Brooklyn with visits to places in his old home town. There is no shortage of pizzerias and bars making pies in Bayonne. Having already covered a lot of ground, I am now […]

Times Square’s Famous Original Ray’s Pizza—Location, Location, Location!

The Snob has already taken a poke at all the pizza places in New York City that use the name Ray’s. One of these is the Famous Original Ray’s Pizza situated a few blocks north of bustling Times Square. According to their website, this branch of Ray’s has been in business since 1964 and includes […]

Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn– Pizza Landmark Lives Up to Its Reputation

Despite all the great pizza places the borough has to offer, when you tell someone you are going for pie in Brooklyn, they assume you are going to Grimaldi’s.  The Snob was long overdue for his maiden visit to the place. Just before Thanksgiving, I was back in town and sought to rectify this situation. […]

TOPPINGS – Forkgate: New NYC Mayor Commits Pizza-Eating Faux Pas

If you thought that the incident involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge slowdown was the big local political scandal, we now bring you Forkgate. It seems that new New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, has committed the cardinal sin of eating pizza with a fork. Here’s some good reading […]

Transmetropolitan—A Late Night Slice in Athens, GA

Music City Mike’s late night adventure in Athens had ended, but there was still time for the Pizza Snob to find some more action.  Earlier that evening, the Clayman and I had walked by Transmetropolitan, a swanky-looking place that serves up fancy-looking pizzas—perhaps too fancy for the Snob’s simple taste. However, with the midnight hour […]