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  1. Ed DeBellis · · Reply

    If you are ever in the neighborhood, try Lorenzo’s in Danbury Connecticut. The chef is a third generation pizzaiolo and a CIA grad. Honest, traditional methods and ingredients. Everything made in house. He’s a little quirky, but what artist isn’t?

    1. Thanks for the tip. It’s been added to my list!

  2. Enzo Baggio · · Reply

    No Pepe’s? No Sally’s? No Modern? Zuppardi’s? Need to visit New Haven my friend.

    1. New Haven is on my bucket list. I’ll get there one day. No clam sauce for this snob though.

  3. christine · · Reply

    I moved from Jersey many years ago. Miss good pizza like crazy. I now live in Tucson. Are you ever gonna pass thru here and try to find a great pizza? If so, please bring me a Jersey pizza 🙂

    1. No plans for Tuscon yet, but of course I hope to go everywhere someday! Dreaming of retirement pizza!

  4. hello,

    nj native and pizza snob, here. let me start by saying thank you, you are doing god’s work. secondly, i’d like to suggest angelo’s in bloomfield for an excellent plain slice, if you haven’t made that stop.

    if you wanted to try a phenomenal lasagna slice (i guess not for review), i can’t suggest uncle paul’s in midtown manhattan enough. i would imagine their plain slice is pretty good, but i accidentally tried their lasagna slice first and i’m unable to order anything else when I’m there.

    also, its been a long time since ive visited but manco & manco (formerly mack & manco) on the ocean city, nj boardwalk. but as far as i know, they still have an unforgettable plain slice. i’ve driven three hours in bad weather for it.

    anyways, thanks again. you’re a hero.

    1. Thanks so much for your support and tips, I’ve added these to my list and will get to them someday!

  5. Ahhhhh …… nothing to say about this

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