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Nashville’s Smith and Lentz Brewing and Pizza –A Uniquely Remarkable Creation

Yes, I am a little late to the game, but have you heard the news? Nashville has a fantastic new pizza spot that although much different, may just help you overcome the loss of the unforgettable Joey’s House of Pizza. The place I am talking about is Smith and Lentz Brewing and Pizza and it […]

Viking Pizza Co.—A Pretty Good Pie for Spring Hill, TN

It’s rare for The Pizza Snob to travel south of his Tennessee home in Franklin to Spring Hill. To me, it’s just a town that came together too fast with little history and nothing exciting that you can’t find elsewhere. However, the COVID-created convergence of my barber leaving Nashville to start clipping from home and […]

Fiamma Pizza Company—Great Neapolitan Pie in Chattanooga

The background to this Tennessee pizza stop involved me skipping a dinner function at an overnight business event that was just way too crowded for my COVID concerns. With inclement weather moving a planned open-air outdoor function to a more confined indoors, I thought a pizza exploration would be a better alternative. My past pizza […]

Coal Town Pizza in Franklin TN’s Westhaven – Where’s the Coal?

Over on the west side of my hometown, on what we locals call “Old Highway 96,” sits the development known as Westhaven. It’s a rather large somewhat upscale place full of a lot of homes too close together for my comfort. There’s also something a bit “Truman Show” about the sameness of the houses that […]

Brooklyn Pizza & Cafe—A Nashville Pizza Commodity

Commodity: A basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Let’s face it. Pizza is more important to some folks more than it is to others. Case in point is one of my pizza pal’s fathers. I recently gave my friend a pizza tip for his family while […]

Culaccino in Downtown Franklin, TN—A Great Neapolitan Pie Comes to Town

Mrs. Pie and I have lived in Franktown for over 20 years and have always loved our quaint historic downtown. Drive west on Highway 96 and you will eventually hit the circle and immediately feel its charm. Albeit small in quantity, the quality of the shops and spots to eat has been high. However, things […]

Kingston Springs’ Skyking Pizza—A Necessary Nashville Side Trip

While the Pandemic has certainly slowed down the adventures of a travelling Pizza Snob, I also have not taken this as an opportunity to mop up my list of local joints I have yet to visit. Although Mrs. Pie didn’t exactly jump at my idea for a long overdue Friday “date night” in the mighty […]

Midnight Oil—New Pizza Spot on Nashville’s West Side

It had been so long since The Pizza Snob was on an adventure to discover new pizza that I almost forgot what to do. With my lack of travel creating little in the way of opportunity, I had no choice but to get out of the house and check out a new local spot. Since […]

UPDATE: Matteo’s Pizza Space in Franklin/Brentwood Becomes Basil Garden

Original Review: 02/09/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING **1/2 Not a Total Waste       Matteo’s Pizza, who has been in Franklin for around 20 years has left he business. Starting out in The Factory in Franklin, they later moved to a location on Carothers that they pinned as Brentwood. Their space is now occupied by Basil Garden […]

Basil Garden Pizza—A (Somewhat) New Pizza Spot in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood is a somewhat wealthier than average American city located in between Nashville proper and the Snob’s home of Franklin. It’s a town that came to be from a lot of Country Music money, most notably from the late singer Eddie Arnold who once practically owned the whole town. The one thing about Brentwood though […]