Monthly Archives: March 2016

Vic’s in Bradley Beach—Making Thin-Crust Pizza on the Jersey Shore Since 1947

The highlight of my late winter trip back to the Pizza State was the annual Light of Day benefit concert in Asbury Park. While Jersey’s most famous musician, Bruce Springsteen, would be missing this year, Jersey’s world famous thin-crust pizza would not. This Saturday adventure down to the Jersey Shore would include a long overdue […]

Fontana Pizzeria—Another Great Slice in Bayonne, NJ

Yes, there are still more pizza places to visit in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ. On the recommendation of my younger brother, last time home, I set my sights on Fontana Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. The twist this time would be my guest: our 87-year old Mom after a morning on line at the DMV […]

Thin-Crust Pizza at Nancy’s Towne House in Rahway, NJ—Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

I was back home in the Pizza State planning a Friday night out with my baseball-loving brother. Sometimes I wonder whether I push him too far with my out-of-the-way pizza proposals. However, this night he was ready for adventure, and in the end this one was a home run out-of-the-park. Short on ideas, my Googling […]

UPDATE: More Bayonne Pizzeria Moves: Lorenzo’s Goes Back Downtown, Pizza Bella Closes and Then Lorenzo’s Closes Again

Original Review: 06/14/15 First Update: 08/27/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING  R.I.P. A little late on this news, but I waited to let the dust settle. Well, at least I tried. Lorenzo’s Pizza and Pasta moved back downtown to its former spot (the old Mario’s Pizza location) on Broadway between 15th and 16th Streets. After a move […]

UPDATE: Neapolitan-Certified Pizza-Maker Porta Via Shutters Franklin, TN Location

Original Review: 11/28/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING **** 1/2 Nearer Perfection Mrs. Pie and I saw this sad news a few weeks ago when we tried to make a gelato stop at Franklin’s Porta Via Italian Kitchen. Closed! According to the sign, the Nashville location on White Bridge Road will remain, albeit with a “brand redevelopment […]

Joe’s Pasta-N-Pizza—Pretty Good Pizza in Weatherford, TX

It was Christmastime, and Mrs. Pie and I were visiting family in her hometown of Weatherford, Texas. (I sure am slow in writing these reviews, ain’t I?) We already had our now annual holiday tradition of a family gathering at Nizza Pizza, our favorite pizza place in town. For reasons unknown, it had been a […]

Columbus, Ohio’s A Slice of New York—Tasty Campus Pizzeria in Transition

Coming back to Columbus for work duties, I continued my assault on the capital of the Buckeye State. I thought, why not look in the Ohio State campus area? You would think that out of 65,000 students, there would enough who refused to settle for chain pizza and instead support an indie. Scoping things out, […]

Mulberry Street Pizzeria—A Wow of a Slice in Beverly Hills

It was starting to get dark on a Sunday evening. Although my long weekend in Los Angeles was coming to an end, there was still time for one last pizza stop. This one was a recommendation by my pizza-loving friend BP who had spent a few years living in the City of Angels. The place […]