Thin-Crust Pizza at Nancy’s Towne House in Rahway, NJ—Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

Nancys - outside - RESIZEI was back home in the Pizza State planning a Friday night out with my baseball-loving brother. Sometimes I wonder whether I push him too far with my out-of-the-way pizza proposals. However, this night he was ready for adventure, and in the end this one was a home run out-of-the-park.

Short on ideas, my Googling fingers came across an article on about six Jersey thin-crust pizza legends. Two I had already sampled, and one was on the agenda for tomorrow’s trip down the Jersey Shore. But, one unfamiliar one was just a short hop away. My bro was game, and we hit the road for a Friday night dinner at Nancy’s Towne House in Rahway.

As evening approached, we arrived in Rahway noting the signs of a downtown rebirth. It did however look like they rolled up the streets everywhere but Nancy’s which we spotted illuminated on a dark street corner.

Nancys - inside - RESIZEThe apt-named Towne House has been in its old brick building since 1954. A front entrance leads you down into a small open room that sits beneath the sidewalk like an old speakeasy. A busy night, all the tables were taken, most by families. Our hostess inquiry got us immediate seating at the bar where we could receive full service. We took our seats, feeling right at home. In Jersey, the bar is the right place to eat a thin-crust pie.

Having hefty appetites, in addition to a large cheese pizza ($12.50) to share, we both ordered dinners as well: ravioli for my Bro and a chicken parm for me (Both superb by the way). Waiting quite a long time for our pizza, our hostess apologized for the small kitchen. I understood and appreciated the courtesy.

The time spent waiting was well worth it. This thin-crust masterpiece was really, really delicious. The crust was thin as advertised, and the slices were limp and not crisp. Nonetheless, along with the cheese, sauce and oil on top, everything about this pizza tasted amazing. It was just greasy enough to my liking with an oil that was lush and flavorful. The only minor flaw on this one was the almost afterthought dry and flaky end crust that got brittle and fell apart.

Nancys - pie - RESIZEI loved this pie so much that I knocked off my half of the eight slices in under five minutes. And my equally-delighted brother wasn’t too far behind me. If we didn’t have those dinners coming we would have for sure ordered another pie. We were both totally blown away by Nancy’s pizza. And I think that what sums it up best, is that it is simply one of the most flavorful I have ever had. The magical mix of its ingredients were masterful—a flavor explosion in your mouth!

Full of total pizza joy and buzzing with excitement, I engaged our bar hostess with an “OK, so who’s Nancy?” to which she replied “I’m Nancy.” After hearing my compliments galore, she then said she had worked here 10 year for the previous owner before buying the place. After sharing laughs and without outing myself as the Snob, I asked if I could take her photo and make her famous.

Nancys - nancy - RESIZENancy’s Towne House is one of the best unique pizzas that New Jersey has to offer. This is an absolute must on any pizza lover’s list. Do yourself a favor, give it a try and help make Nancy and her place even more famous than they already are!


PIZZA SNOB RATING ***** Sets the Standard
Nancy’s Towne House
1453 Main Street
Rahway, NJ  07065








  1. GREAT Pizza!

  2. harmony among people…!

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