Monthly Archives: July 2018

Yo Pauly’s New York Pizza Co. – Slices in Scottsdale

After making my pilgrimage to the Neapolitan pizza mecca in Phoenix known as Pizzeria Bianco, I decided I would see if I could find a decent New York style slice in this beautiful mountainous state that carries the seldom-used nickname of the “Italy of America.” Well, my first attempt was a family-referral, and it turned […]

Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix– Yes, You Need to Go There!

I first heard of Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco and its namesake award-winning chef and proprietor, Chris Bianco, when I read Ed Levine’s fabulous 2005 ultimate guide to pizza, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. My pizza research made me familiar with Levine who writes about dining for the New York Times. I had taken Levine to be […]

Famous Pizza & Beer—Having a Slice in Sedona, Arizona

My whimsical idea of eating “snack bar pizza” at the Grand Canyon like I did a few years ago at the ruins in Pompeii, never happened. My pizza expectations at our next Arizona travel stop, Sedona, were equally as non-existent as they were at the Canyon. Being sort of a “foodie” town, I did spot […]

Flagstaff’s Pizzicletta – Put It on Your Pizza Crust Bucket List

Mrs. Pie did her usual great job of itinerizing our recent bucket list trip to Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Little did I know that our first night would be spent in Flagstaff where I was quite excited to see the vintage Route 66 remnants. She also discovered the fabulously unique Pizzicletta where I would have my […]