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North Italia-Growing Chain Makes a Darn Good Pizza

I can hear it already. Has the Snob lost his mind? Has he run out of new pizza places to visit? Are they paying him for this blog post? Is he just too distraught over the Yankees losing to the Red Sox? What goes with him writing about a chain whose main focus ain’t pizza? […]

Whole Foods Market–The Pizza Snob Gives It Another Try

Among other things, working at home during the COVID pandemic has disrupted my workday routine of having lunch everyday at the Whole Foods Market in the Green Hills area of Nashville. My brisk walk there and back for exercise and the wide assortment of tasty and healthy things to eat from the buffet, etc. were […]

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza—America’s Best Pizza Chain?

One day, while sitting in a mini-Starbucks at a Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ, I glanced out the window and spotted Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza. Thinking it sounded a bit unusual to see a coal oven in a location other than Manhattan or Brooklyn, my friend Google told me that ACFP was a chain and […]

Jonesing for Pie in All the Wrong Places – Part Two: Famous Famiglia

A few years ago when I was just a young pizza snob, I wrote the first half of a theme piece picking on two seemingly ubiquitous pizza chains: Sbarro and Famous Famiglia. After giving my thoughts on Sbarro in the previous blog post, it’s now time to go after Famous Famiglia. What both have in […]

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza – Staying Simple Can Be Appetizing

You would think that I’d pick pizza every time it was my turn to choose the restaurant for our family’s Sunday lunches, but I seldom do.  Joints within reasonable striking distance are not up to The Snob’s standards. However, one of our frequent picks is Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. My family first became attracted to […]

Marco’s Pizza – A Tasty Thin Take-Away

The Pizza Snob recently gave you the how-to’s of pizza delivery. I prefer not to order out these days, but when I do locally, I order from Marco’s Pizza, a chain of about 250 company-owned and franchised locations scattered around the country. A few years back, they took over the space previously occupied by the […]

Old Chicago Pizza Comes to Town – NY-Style Comes Up Short

The Pizza Snob had no vision of ever writing about chains when he started this blog some six months ago.  My intention was to focus solely on local Mom and Pop pizza makers. However, I did find it fun to write about supermarket pizza and even the mega-chain Sbarro. There are a few other prominent […]

Jonesing for Pie in All the Wrong Places – Part One: Sbarro

Sometimes it happens: You start thinking about pizza and you suddenly have an insatiable appetite for that delightful tomato sauce, cheese and oregano combo. The taste gets on your tongue and you just can’t pass one up. This temptation could be the result of seeing or smelling pizza from a food court in the airport […]

Lost in the Supermarket – Eating Pizza at Whole Foods Market, Publix and Costco

“I’m all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily I came in here for the special offer, guaranteed personality”                                                 From “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash (1979) When the Snob was a kid, you went to the grocery store to buy groceries–that meant food. You went to the drug store […]