Marco’s Pizza – A Tasty Thin Take-Away

Marcos car2 RESIZIE

The Pizza Snob recently gave you the how-to’s of pizza delivery. I prefer not to order out these days, but when I do locally, I order from Marco’s Pizza, a chain of about 250 company-owned and franchised locations scattered around the country. A few years back, they took over the space previously occupied by the Garlic Jim’s chain in Franklin. Located across from Centennial High School, Marco’s recently added some indoor seating and is no longer a delivery-only place.


On a warm fall evening, my son, The Philosopher, and I found that we were on our own for dinner. Looking for adventure as well as a future story to write, we hopped on our bikes and headed over to Marco’s for a pie. The look of Marco’s “Classic” pie wasn’t appealing to the Snob. It was too thick and doughy, a pie meant more for toppings abusers than for an NY-pie traditionalist like me. We, therefore, ordered my old standby, a $9.95 large, “Crispy Thin,” cheese pie.

Marcos pie RESIZE

Crisp and thin it was. Grievously, though, they sliced it using the dreaded Crisscross Cut like national chain Old Chicago and local Matteo’s do. Come on guys, nobody likes getting stuck with those middle slices! While this pie bears much similarity to Old Chicago’s like offering, it is not as greasy. Although The Snob prefers his crust less brittle and flakey with more end crust showing, the cheese and tomato sauce were well-seasoned and rightly balanced.

Our visit reaffirmed my stance that Marco’s, somewhat by default, is my best choice to order out locally for pizza. They offer a delicious, reasonably priced pie. (Be sure to look for their coupons.) For the true pizza-lover, it is tasty and light–not so heavy on the stomach like what other chains offer. In fact, it was so light that my son and I considered it an appetizer and went to the Mexican place next door for our main course!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***1/2 Working on a Good Thing

Marco’s Pizza
4115 Mallory Lane
Franklin, Tennessee 37067
615-790- 2244


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  1. Homer Richards · · Reply

    While I like the square cuts for the thin crust, I understand why others would not. I’ve noticed that when I order online I have the option to select how they cut the pizza. If you are ordering online indicate a preference to a slice number and see if this kicks that 4.5 star rating up a notch. Regards!

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