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Lucia Pizza—The King of Pizza in Queens?

To be a truly adventurous Pizza Snob, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to discover new pizza. Landing at New York La Guardia Airport for my current trip back home to Jersey, I looked to see what might be close by and chose the highly Yelp-rated Lucia Pizza just 3.2 miles away. Lucia […]

Bella Napoli Pizzeria—The Best Neapolitan in Nashville!

The original premise of this blog was to document my devotion to thin crisp New York-style pizza. Now, after several enjoyable experiences with the definitely-not-crisp Neapolitan style, the question needs to be asked: “Is the Pizza Snob softening up?” During the cold busy months of winter, I was working more than I liked, and had […]

Primo Pizza—A Random Shot at a Slice in San Francisco

Although I was trying to stick to my predetermined pizza program for San Francisco, I simply couldn’t resist making a random attack on an unsuspecting victim. Having now been there a few days, one thing that I noticed while Uber-Pooling it around town, was that there sure was a lot of pizza joints! Most advertised […]

The Starting Point—A Bayonne (NJ) Bar Pie at Its Best!

Excuse me for saying again what I have said before, but after having been to 27 pizza joints in the town of my birth, Bayonne, NJ, could there really be any more that I have yet to visit? Well, I was back home again looking for some new pie to try. Thinking back to when […]

Fontana Pizzeria—Another Great Slice in Bayonne, NJ

Yes, there are still more pizza places to visit in my hometown of Bayonne, NJ. On the recommendation of my younger brother, last time home, I set my sights on Fontana Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. The twist this time would be my guest: our 87-year old Mom after a morning on line at the DMV […]

Thin-Crust Pizza at Nancy’s Towne House in Rahway, NJ—Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

I was back home in the Pizza State planning a Friday night out with my baseball-loving brother. Sometimes I wonder whether I push him too far with my out-of-the-way pizza proposals. However, this night he was ready for adventure, and in the end this one was a home run out-of-the-park. Short on ideas, my Googling […]

UPDATE: More Bayonne Pizzeria Moves: Lorenzo’s Goes Back Downtown, Pizza Bella Closes and Then Lorenzo’s Closes Again

Original Review: 06/14/15 First Update: 08/27/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING  R.I.P. A little late on this news, but I waited to let the dust settle. Well, at least I tried. Lorenzo’s Pizza and Pasta moved back downtown to its former spot (the old Mario’s Pizza location) on Broadway between 15th and 16th Streets. After a move […]