Tutta’s Pizza—Dallas Pizza for Slow Smoked Meat Lovers

Tuttas - outside - RESIZEPart of me does not want to write about Dallas’s Tutta’s Pizza. For one, the owner came by to our table and seemed like a great guy. It’s also a fun place with local bands playing live music and the novel true-to-Texas concept of serving pizza topped with slow smoked meats. But on the other, without any slow smoked meat on it, the pizza is just not very good at all.

Back in Dallas again for a business meeting, it’s now come to where my travel mates expect me to find a new pizza place to take them to. Tutta’s was my find this time. Their “We are Texas pizza” slogan boasting slow smoked meat toppings was something that I knew my carnivore friends would just love. And they did. However, those who know me, know that I exclude pizza toppings from the mix and judge my pies naked.

Tutta’s is on the corner of Ross and N. Record Streets in an old refurbished industrial building in the West End Historic District. We were on the very late side of lunch and practically had the whole big room to ourselves. With a stage set in the rear of the room, a big bar and plenty of outdoor seating space, you could tell that this was a hopping place on a weekend night. But we were there for pizza—and meat!

Tuttas - inside - RESIZEUp to the counter we went, and I was the odd one out ordering mine plain without meat. It was delivered on a small silver serving tray and was small and round cut into four slices. My friend remarked that it looked like a “school pizza,” something they’d serve for lunch in the cafeteria. Barren as mine was, it looked pale and dry and overall rather uninviting.

On the positive side, at least it was crisp and not over-cheesed or over-doughed. The cheese was far from anything special while the sauce at least was a bit tangy with some additive there to spice it up. I ate it without too much complaining. It simply was not meant for a pizza purist like me.

PIZZA SNOB RATING **1/2 Perhaps Not a Total Waste
Tutta’s Pizza
1710 N. Record Street #110
Dallas, TX 75202

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