Monthly Archives: July 2014

John’s Pizzeria of Times Square—Combining Coal with Tradition

In the last quarter century, New York City has noticeably bettered its appearance. The actions of wise visionary leadership atop a robust economy have led to an influx of new commerce and an enhanced infrastructure. Both have helped ooze out a great deal of the crime, sleaze and filth that once made NYC an undesirable […]

Bayonne NJ’s Naples Pizzeria—Thin Pizza “Two-For” is a Winner!

By now you’d think that I would have visited all of the decent pizza joints in my hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey. Well, perhaps not. On my last trip home, I found another great place that I somehow overlooked. This was odd since my Pizza Compass shows it as one of the closest to my […]

UPDATE: Sal’s Family Pizza in Franklin, TN—Better By the Slice?

Original Review: 08/12/12 Previous Rating: ***1/2 Working On A Good Thing It had been a long time since I had some hometown pie at Sal’s Family Pizza. Chalk it up to a mediocre experience last time out and an abundance of new places to try. I recently needed a meeting place for a bunch of […]

UPDATE: Nashville’s Pizza Perfect—Bellevue Location

Original Review: 08/22/12 PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfection Over the years, the Pizza Snob has made many visits to Pizza Perfect on 21st Street in Nashville. I figured it was about time that I visited their Bellevue location. I did so recently when Mrs. Pie and I found ourselves on the west side of […]

Atlantic City’s Tony Baloney’s– Indigenous Pizza Is a Big Winner!

Gambling bores me which means that AC trips with Mom and Dad are usually nothing more than another excuse to try some new pizza joints. Last year, I busted on the Boardwalk while earlier in the day I fared much better at Jonuzi’s. Finding room in my gut for some more carbs, I walked north […]

Jonuzi’s Pizza—Hitting the Big Slice Jackpot in Atlantic City

My first pizza adventure in Atlantic City was a big bust on the Boardwalk. So this time out, I put my car in the Park Place and set out to the city streets in search of something better. Monopolizing a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon, I took the short hike from my stay at Caesar’s Palace […]

Downtown Nashville’s Luigi’s City Pizza—Another New Disappointing Slice

So much has happened here in Music City since January 2013 when the New York Times called us America’s new “it” city. For one, there has been the flurry of new but disappointing pizza joints. Following on the heels of Music City Pizza and Al Taglio is Luigi’s City Pizza which recently opened downtown on […]