UPDATE: Nashville’s Pizza Perfect—Bellevue Location

Pizza Perfect - outside -- RESIZE

Original Review: 08/22/12

PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfection

Over the years, the Pizza Snob has made many visits to Pizza Perfect on 21st Street in Nashville. I figured it was about time that I visited their Bellevue location. I did so recently when Mrs. Pie and I found ourselves on the west side of town.

Bearing little resemblance to the other joint, this spot sits on the end of a strip mall. Its space converges with a children’s game center. Inside, I was disappointed to see that they did not have the slick conveyor belt slice warmer like the other place.

Pizza Perfect - Iinside -- RESIZE

It was a late Saturday afternoon, and things were slow. I saw that the lone cheese slice sitting on the counter would soon be mine. After a lengthy (three-to-four minutes) reheat in the oven, it came out covered with quite a bit of “test cheese” on top that they used to time the reheat.

My wider than usual slice ($2.50) was steaming hot but turned out to be a bit soggy. Although the bottom crust was blackened, it didn’t get very crisp until I got to the crunchy end.  Seasoned with oregano, it was overall tasty. The cheese became a little runny adding to the slight disappointment of my late afternoon, leftover slice. Nonetheless, I am forgiving as this still was an enjoyable snack. I know that better timing would have gotten me a fresher one for sure.

Pizza Perfect - slice -- RESIZE

All things considered, with its adjoining game center, Pizza Perfect is a much better place for you to enjoy some real pizza instead of taking your kids to Chuck E.Cheese’s!


PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfection

Pizza Perfect
357 Clofton Drive Nashville, TN  37221


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