Yes, I am a little late to the game, but have you heard the news? Nashville has a fantastic new pizza spot that although much different, may just help you overcome the loss of the unforgettable Joey’s House of Pizza. The place I am talking about is Smith and Lentz Brewing and Pizza and it […]

First, a quick note to followers of this blog. Yes, I still love eating and discovering new pizza and writing about it. I’ve just taken an extended break from blogging, but the good news is that I’ve returned to travelling and The Snob will soon pick up the pace with reports on several new joints […]

If you follow this blog, you may have observed my ever-evolving belief that there is more than one way to combine tomato sauce, dough, and Mozzarella cheese into a great pizza. Yes, I will admit that I began blogging with an intent to focus only on New York Style. However, I am sure glad that […]

It’s rare for The Pizza Snob to travel south of his Tennessee home in Franklin to Spring Hill. To me, it’s just a town that came together too fast with little history and nothing exciting that you can’t find elsewhere. However, the COVID-created convergence of my barber leaving Nashville to start clipping from home and […]

Driving home to Nashville from the Florida Panhandle places one in Alabama for most of the journey. Passing through the metropolises of Montgomery and Birmingham also presents the Snob with opportunities for discovering new pizza on the way. This time out, the Snob scored big in a Google search to find what would prove to […]

With vacation time winding down on the Florida Panhandle, my search for Destin-area pizza to try did not look at all promising. After checking out the websites of a few pizza joints, the pictures I saw of their wares bought forth zero interest. Plain and simple, the Snob doesn’t like fat sloppy pies full of […]

If you have been following the Snob’s travels, we last left off with more pizza to discover in the Destin area of the Florida Panhandle. On the hit list was a place I drove by a few years ago while on a quick ride through Destin proper. Having followed the Snob’s advice about how to […]

Since moving to Tennessee in 1998, the Snob family has visited the Florida Panhandle most every year, sometimes going both in the spring and late summer. When the kids were still young Snobs, we visited the Destin side of what we Southerners call the “Redneck Riviera.” Later, when it became just Mrs. Pie and me, […]

The background to this Tennessee pizza stop involved me skipping a dinner function at an overnight business event that was just way too crowded for my COVID concerns. With inclement weather moving a planned open-air outdoor function to a more confined indoors, I thought a pizza exploration would be a better alternative. My past pizza […]

If you follow this blog, you may already know that Mrs. Pie hails from the Texas town of Weatherford. Just a 30-minute pickup truck ride west of Ft. Worth, in our 40-plus years together, I sure have seen this town change. More people, more places, and more traffic, it also now has its first Neapolitan […]