A few years ago when I was just a young pizza snob, I wrote the first half of a theme piece picking on two seemingly ubiquitous pizza chains: Sbarro and Famous Famiglia. After giving my thoughts on Sbarro in the previous blog post, it’s now time to go after Famous Famiglia. What both have in […]

When the Pizza Snob moved to Nashville back in 1998, the launch of a new restaurant was a big deal. If something new and interesting got added to what otherwise might have back then been considered slim pickings, Mrs. Pie and I usually planned a visit right away. Today, in booming Nashville, eating places pop […]

It was the usual Christmas week in Texas, and our house full of family and critters kept us home inside most of the time. For the day we did plan to visit Forth Worth, I did my best to work in at least one pizza stop. Having attacked this town pretty hard over the years, […]

The Snob was back home in the Pizza State taking care of some business with little time for pizza. However, on a Christmas-present assignment from Mrs. Pie to Jersey City’s Newport area, I figured that I had a chance of finding a quick new slice nearby. Before I even left the door, my hunt discovered […]

Bear with me since this one starts in left field. The day after Thanksgiving while visiting our son and his wife, Mrs. Pie and I were walking along Carson Street in Pittsburgh. Keeping an eye out for a slice of pizza, we passed an interesting place called Benny Fierro’s. Looking it over, I noticed two […]

When my oldest son, The Philosopher, moved to Pittsburgh to advance his studies, I wasted no time researching the area for new pizza to discover. Hands down, the place most recommended was Mineo’s Pizza House. After checking it out on-line, it certainly had the look, feel and history of a pizza joint that the Snob […]

Yes, another place in Bayonne. And better yet, it’s a place that serves a classic ultra-thin Bayonne bar pie! I first got word of Kuhl’s Tavern from a reply on the Bayonne Facebook page to my write-up about the great bar pie at The Starting Point. So, late one night while back in my home […]