Little Anthony’s Pizza— A Great Classic NY Slice in Delco, PA

Little Anthonys - OUTSIDEFirst, a quick note to followers of this blog. Yes, I still love eating and discovering new pizza and writing about it. I’ve just taken an extended break from blogging, but the good news is that I’ve returned to travelling and The Snob will soon pick up the pace with reports on several new joints for you to discover.

I resume with a recent trip we made to the Philly area to see our son, now officially the Philosophy Professor, and his lovely wife. While there, we took an afternoon trip to the really cool little town of Media, PA. It’s the kind of place I love—a small urban area with a downtown that has a cool circa 60’s historic vibe. It was a blast to walk the few blocks of Mom-and-Pop shops and not see a single Starbucks, Subway or Dominos. Likewise, it wasn’t the kind of place where all you will find are dried flowers and greeting cards. It was fun browsing for sure.

Walking around a bit before sitting to a proper lunch, we stumbled upon Little Anthony’s Pizza. After a few days of seeing unwelcoming pizza places, there was no way I as going to skip this classic-looking spot. It was sad to see Delco (“Delaware County”) chock full of places not proud enough of their pizza to have to share the “pizza” billing with “wings” and “cheesesteaks” or something else. The uninviting on-line photos of pies I saw for these places proved my theory.

So, since the Snob’s obsession only has so much pull with the family, lunch came first. But immediately thereafter, I made a beeline to Little A’s with excitement. Inside the front door to the left ran a long, long counter full of fine-looking slices of several classic varieties along with a huge eight-slot pizza oven, Wow!

Little Anthonys - INSIDE 1I ordered a single slice of plain cheese ($3.18 after tax) which I took to a table after its visit to the oven for a reheat. The slice was smaller than some and was in the shape of an almost-equilateral triangle. Everything else about it looked quite proper with the requisite thin portions of cheese, dough, and sauce. And it was served nice and hot and tasted quite good as well, scoring high in all categories of flavor. My younger son begged for a bite to which he commented that the tomato sauce was “Sweet, but in a good way.” I agreed and also liked the crisp crust and tasty cheese.

Little Anthonys - SLICEAs much as I loved Little Anthony’s slice, I also loved its name. (See the Snob’s “Naming Your Pizza Joint”). In addition to covering all the bases in naming a pizza joint, I couldn’t help but think of the great 60s R&B act Little Anthony & the Imperials! If you are in the area, a visit to Media is well worth it as is a slice at Little Anthony’s.

PIZZA SNOB RATING **** Near Perfection
Little Anthony’s Pizza
8 West State Street
Media, PA 19063


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