Monthly Archives: November 2015

Brother’s Pizza – A Great Traditional Slice on Staten Island

Back home in the Pizza State, my brother and I decided to cross the “ever-lifting” Bayonne Bridge to see the Staten Island Yankees minor league baseball team. It’s one of the best Friday night deals around. For twenty bucks you get a box seat, cap, hot dog and a drink. However, if the Pizza Snob […]

Porta Via in Franklin, TN—A Certified Neapolitan Pizza Success!

Sometimes it’s a stretch for me to leave my New York-style pizza comfort zone to try a Neapolitan style pie, even when I know it’s gonna be good. While nothing could take the place of a nice crisp folded NY slice, the Snob has happened upon a few tasty Neapolitan pies. My first experience with […]

Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub – Louisville Favorite Fails to Win over the Snob

If you search on-line for what locals think is the best pizza in Louisville, Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub is almost always at the top if not on top. Will somebody please tell me what I am missing? I walked by Wick’s last year while making my way to Spinelli’s Pizzeria which is so far […]

Donatos Pizza—Heartland Chain Serves Up Chicago Tavern-Style Crispy

Leaving Columbus, Ohio after a short stay on business, I thought my trip had had its last taste of pizza. Until lo and behold, there was a Donatos Pizza staring me down in the airport terminal not too far from my departing gate. Since I was looking for dinner and had been wanting to check […]

Mikey’s Late Night Slice—Convenient & Tasty Pizza in Columbus, Ohio

Look out Columbus! The Pizza Snob’s real job will be sending him on frequent trips to the jewel of the Buckeye State. While, a previous trip there a few years back lead to disappointment at Adriatico’s, this time out I had high hopes with Mikey’s Late Night Slice. I first spotted Mikey’s on a previous […]