Monthly Archives: February 2013

Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza – Watching a Master at Work

Since this blog began, several readers have placed Di Fara Pizza on a rather lofty pedestal including America’s Test Kitchen (see video).  Everywhere I looked, I saw Di Fara’s referred to as the best pizza in Brooklyn, all of New York, and sometimes the entire world. All of this talk placed it atop The Snob’s […]

Pizza Delivery—As American as Apple Pie

There’s a joke that goes around town: How do you get a songwriter off of your front porch in Nashville? Pay for your pizza! While the joke may have more to say about broken dreams in Music City than it does about delivering pizza, we have all been there—feeling too lazy to cook or go […]

New York City’s Artichoke Pizza—Don’t Let the Name Fool You!

Taking full advantage of “The City That Never Sleeps,” I continued my evening’s adventure for what would be my third and final pizza stop of the day. On the advice of house-concert impresario Drew, I hoofed it in the winter’s cold over to Artichoke Pizza in the heart of Greenwich Village. I must admit I […]

Lombardi’s Pizza in Little Italy–America’s First is Still One of its Best!

Whenever I go home to New Jersey for a visit, I get to experience adventures in New York City both as The Pizza Snob and Music City Mike. On a recent visit, I borrowed Dad’s brand new Honda Accord (courtesy of Hurricane Sandy) and drove to lower Manhattan’s City Winery to hear the powerful and […]

TOPPINGS – Valentine’s Day Pizza

Here’s a last minute idea for you from The Kid and his Girl. Watch these videos: It came. It went.

Lee’s Tavern – Staten Island’s Hidden Gem for Great Pizza!

I recently made my first post-Superstorm Sandy trip back home to Bayonne, NJ, to see Mom and Dad. The storm was a tough experience for them although it could have been much worse. Thankfully, they are now back to normal. With the aid of the great Trip-It iPhone app, I laid out eight pizza stops […]

Brentwood, TN’s Matteo’s Pizzeria – A Take-Out Disappointment

It was a lazy Saturday night at home, and we had no dinner plans. It had been awhile since the Snob’s last adventure, so he thought about bringing home a pie to accompany that evening’s Netflix flick. I decided to try Matteo’s Pizzeria, a place once close to home at The Factory in Franklin. They […]

A Big Time in Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX’s Serious Pizza

As the Snob, one of my biggest thrills is hitting a new town and getting the chance to seek out its best pizza. In all my years of living in San Antonio, I’d made countless visits to Dallas but do not recall ever having pizza there.  After Christmas, everyone wanted to head to Dallas, specifically […]

TOPPINGS – Coney Island’s Totonno’s Still Struggling to Reopen Post-Sandy

Thanks to my buddy Pelikan for showing me this NPR Weekend Edition story. Totonno’s opened in 1924 on Coney Island just a few blocks from the beach on Neptune Avenue and holds the distinction of the oldest pizzeria in the U.S. continuously operated by one family. I wish them the best and hope to […]