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Angelo’s Pizza Co.—A Royal Slice in King of Prussia, PA

Well, the pizza joints of Pittsburgh can worry no more. Our son, The Philosopher and his lovely wife have moved east near the City of Brotherly love. So, know its Philadelphia’s turn to deal with the wrath of The Pizza Snob. Earlier this year, Mr. Pie and I made our first trip to visit them, […]

TOPPINGS – New York City Dollar-Pizza Guy

Here is a video produced by Elite Daily about a young New Yorker on a fun mission to visit and review every dollar slice pizza joint in New York City. While I wish him luck in his adventures, I must admit that my fear of inferior quality makes me avoid these places. However, after he […]

TOPPINGS – Nashville’s Music City Pizza Offers Vinyl Record Surprises

Now here’s a cool combination of my two favorites loves: pizza and records! In a promotional partnership with Nashville’s United Record Pressing, Music City Pizza (or “MCP”) is offering 1,500 random new delivery customers with a free vinyl record. Read about it in the Nashville Business Journal. P.S. With my luck I’d probably get a […]

TOPPINGS – Forkgate: New NYC Mayor Commits Pizza-Eating Faux Pas

If you thought that the incident involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge slowdown was the big local political scandal, we now bring you Forkgate. It seems that new New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, has committed the cardinal sin of eating pizza with a fork. Here’s some good reading […]

TOPPINGS – They Built a Better Pizza Box!

In this day and age, it seems that there is nothing that we don’t try to improve upon and make better. Who would have ever thought that this could be said about something as simple as the pizza box. Now we have a simple solution for when you wanted to eat only half a pizza […]

TOPPINGS – Pizza Compass iPhone App

Now here is something neat that my son, The iPhone Kid, sent my way—an iPhone app that points you to the nearest pizza joint. If you don’t like the one that is closest, spinning the pizza slice icon reveals the names and distances of all the pizza within your range. Clicking on a name gets […]

TOPPINGS – How Do You Misuse a Domino’s Pizza?

Here’s a link to a blog story about how the lawyers got involved in a recent pizza contest to make sure their client was protected in this crazy litigious world in which we live. Since they were talking about Domino’s pizza, The Snob wonders if actually eating it would qualify as a misuse.

TOPPINGS – Brooklyn Dude Eats at Every Pizza Joint in Manhattan!

Here’s a link to an article in New York City’s  Daily News about a guy who ate a slice at all 362 local pizza joints in Manhattan. He is quite a colorful character and maintains a pizza blog called Slice Harvester where he reviewed every one of them. His favorite was Pizza Suprema near Penn […]

TOPPINGS – Domino’s Drone Delivers

The Snob has discussed pizza delivery in the past but not like this! Check out this video link to see what Domino’s has been up to. Wasn’t something like this inevitable on our way to a world so automated that we will never have to leave our couches? P.S. Even if this does come to […]

TOPPINGS – Village Voice Reconsiders Dollar Pizza

Here’s an interesting article about dollar slices and the current status of independent pizza joints from the New York City alternative weekly The Village Voice: Thanks to my old pal Jill for sharing.