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Fancy Pizza in the French Quarter – New Orleans’ Vieux Carre Pizza

The Pizza Snob decided to close out his NOLA pizza adventure by seeing what the famed French Quarter had to offer. One of the most unique destinations in America, this historic district is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants. Amongst its many open-air, music-filled bars and cheesy souvenir shops, I spotted several pizza […]

New Orleans’ New York Pizza—Not Living Up To Its Name

As he approached his second pizza stop in The Big Easy, the Pizza Snob wondered if these NOLA places read my “Naming Your Pizza Joint” blog. Like Metairie’s Brooklyn Pizza, Uptown’s New York Pizza also employs the biz-wiz of name-checking a location famous for good pizza. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the latter takes that liberty […]

Great NY Pie in New Orleans – Metairie, LA’s Brooklyn Pizzeria

The Pizza Snob’s real job sent him to New Orleans for a few days. It had been over a decade since I visited this exciting city known for its fun, frolic, and more than anything its food. In my times there I had never eaten pizza and my recollection of the local cuisine caused me […]