Monthly Archives: December 2012

Spring Hill (TN) Pizza Surprise – Samboli’s

Spring Hill is a small community just south of Franklin which in turn is just south of Nashville. Spring Hill is a mess. It sprung up out of necessity with the creation of a Saturn auto plant then failed miserably in its urban planning. The city is aesthetically unappealing and a traffic nightmare. I avoid […]

Bowling Green, KY’s Lost River Pizza Company – Where’s the Tradition?

Since Music City Mike doesn’t have his own blog yet, we currently allow him some space here. Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball tour was atop my 2012 list of fave events, so in November I decided to head to Louisville to see just one more show. Bowling Green lies between Nashville and there.  It is a city […]

Jonesing for Pie in All the Wrong Places – Part One: Sbarro

Sometimes it happens: You start thinking about pizza and you suddenly have an insatiable appetite for that delightful tomato sauce, cheese and oregano combo. The taste gets on your tongue and you just can’t pass one up. This temptation could be the result of seeing or smelling pizza from a food court in the airport […]

TOPPINGS – Louis C.K. and Ben’s Pizzeria

I know that I am late to the game on this one, but I finally watched on Netflix a few episodes of FX’s Louie featuring comedian Louis C.K.  During the show’s intro, Louie grabs a quick slice.  Pizza fans may recognize the locale as Ben’s Pizzeria (on the corner of MacDougal and Third in Greenwich […]