TOPPINGS – Louis C.K. and Ben’s Pizzeria

I know that I am late to the game on this one, but I finally watched on Netflix a few episodes of FX’s Louie featuring comedian Louis C.K.  During the show’s intro, Louie grabs a quick slice.  Pizza fans may recognize the locale as Ben’s Pizzeria (on the corner of MacDougal and Third in Greenwich Village). Louie and his date also dine at Ben’s in the pilot episode.  There is even an incident involving Ben’s bathroom, a place the Pizza Snob knows well from finding relief there many times during his strolls through the Village.


A video clip of the show’s intro isn’t up on the web, but here is one of the many fun parodies that can be found on You Tube. Music City Mike wants to offer that the song used during the intro is “Brother Louie,” 1973 #1 hit single by the New York City band Stories, fronted by singer Ian Lloyd.


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