Monthly Archives: February 2014

Pizza on Fort Worth’s Southwest Side—Part Two: Perrotti’s Pizza

The Pizza Snob’s Fort Worth pizza adventure continued with a visit to Perrotti’s Pizza. Technically located in Benbrook, Texas, the traffic to get the family there for a weekday lunch was still a mess. Judging by the faded sign at the strip center entrance, Perrotti’s has been around for awhile. The semi-abandoned center looks to […]

TOPPINGS – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Issues Ruling on Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

In my very first blog entry as The Pizza Snob, I wrote the following: “My definition of pizza does not include Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I like it but it is so different that you might as well call it quiche instead of pizza.” I am honored that Justice Scalia has upheld my ruling. Read […]

Pizza on Fort Worth’s Southwest Side—Part One: Palio’s Pizza Cafe

Over the Christmas Holidays, the Pizza Snob and his family had to drive through the constant traffic mess of the southwest side of Fort Worth. Using my “pie-dar” vision, I spotted two local-looking pizza joints. The first was Palio’s Pizza Café which I found situated in a busy strip mall on Bryant Irvin Road. It’s […]

Music City Pizza—A Nashville Music Venue Gets a Pizza Facelift: Classy But Not Classic

The crusty old bar and restaurant that once welcomed you into the 12th & Porter music room is no more. It has been replaced by the swanky Music City Pizza. The MCP name and logo now control the face of the music venue located down in the bowels of 12th Avenue North. While the music […]

Christo’s Deli & Pizzeria in Jersey City Offers It All—Including a Good Slice at a Great Price!

It was a pretty fall day as I strolled down 8th Street in Jersey City on my way to Carmine’s Pizza Factory. Lo and behold, I spotted Christo’s Deli & Pizzeria on the other side of the street just two blocks before my destination. My interest in adding another joint to my day’s work quickly […]