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Reheating a Leftover Slice of Great New York-Style Pizza

I often get asked “Pizza Snob, what’s the best way to reheat a leftover slice of great New York-style pizza?” Well, here’s a look at the options: Microwave Toaster Oven Conventional Oven None of the Above The correct answer is “D” since there is never any leftover great New York-style pizza! Unless of course, like […]

TOPPINGS – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Issues Ruling on Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

In my very first blog entry as The Pizza Snob, I wrote the following: “My definition of pizza does not include Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I like it but it is so different that you might as well call it quiche instead of pizza.” I am honored that Justice Scalia has upheld my ruling. Read […]

Seven Signs You’re Getting a Good Slice of Pizza

Having done the Pizza Snob blog for almost two years now, I thought it was a good time to summarize the things I look for when searching for my next great slice of New York-style pie. Here is my step-by-step guide: 1.      The name of the joint is simple and appealing. This is ground that […]

Pizza Places That Even a Desperate Pizza Snob Won’t Try

Here’s a start at something I am hoping that others might add to: photos of pizza for sale in strange places. To help you participate in this project, I suggest that you have a look at a great new iPhone photo-sharing app called “OKDOTHIS.” If you go there you will find that I started this […]

Pizza Delivery—As American as Apple Pie

There’s a joke that goes around town: How do you get a songwriter off of your front porch in Nashville? Pay for your pizza! While the joke may have more to say about broken dreams in Music City than it does about delivering pizza, we have all been there—feeling too lazy to cook or go […]

There’s Still a Line at Brooklyn’s Grimaldi’s Pizzeria!

Despite the impact of Hurricane Sandy, Brooklyn’s famous Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is open today. And as always, there’s a line to get in. Here’s a photo from this afternoon sent by The Kid’s girlfriend Rachel who currently calls Brooklyn home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our family and friends, as well as […]


So, you want to get into the pizza business. While I’m sure there are many books written about owning your own business, running a restaurant, etc., I doubt that there is one about what to name your pizza place.  The Pizza Snob’s advice is to keep it simple and to not get too cute about […]

Pizza in the Movies

As possibly America’s most favorite food, it’s no surprise that there have been many great pizza moments on the silver screen. Here are some of the Snob’s favorites from some classic comedies: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) Who can forget this classic scene where surfer dude Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn) orders a double-cheese and […]

Eating A Slice – The Fold and the Rip

As I have said before, I grew up in the pizza-loving town of Bayonne, NJ where there was either a pizza joint or pizza-making bar on every corner. Take-out pizza was also a family affair at home. I remember how Mom would send me down to the bar on the corner to pick up a […]

Slicing the Pie – How to Cut a Pizza

Although the true source of this tale may be questionable, the great Mickey Mantle attributed it to the legendary Yankee catcher and Yoo-Hoo beverage spokesman, Yogi Berra, who was known for his whimsical quotes: “Whitey (Ford), Yog and I went to a pizza place after a game. The waitress wanted to know if we wanted […]