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Lodi (NJ) Pizza—A Great Pizza Shack on the Side of the Road

Last winter, on a dark, damp and dreary Friday evening, Mrs. Pie and I found ourselves in the Garden State with no plans whatsoever. Perhaps asking way too much of her for the sake of this Pizza Snob business, I suggested a leisurely drive to visit a place I had bookmarked called Lodi Pizza. This […]

Reheating a Leftover Slice of Great New York-Style Pizza

I often get asked “Pizza Snob, what’s the best way to reheat a leftover slice of great New York-style pizza?” Well, here’s a look at the options: Microwave Toaster Oven Conventional Oven None of the Above The correct answer is “D” since there is never any leftover great New York-style pizza! Unless of course, like […]

Tom’s Extreme Pizzeria in Mississippi—Still Searching for Pizza in the Wrong Places

One of the thrills of being The Pizza Snob is my quest to discover the art of fine pizza-making in unexpected parts of the country. It happens–whether through the efforts of a daring local upstart, or more likely by a former apprentice migrating from Manhattan or Brooklyn to an underserved lower rent district somewhere deep […]

UPDATE: Franklin’s (TN) Brothers’ Pizza Changes Hands

Original Review: 09/26/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better Than Dominos In a February 2nd message on their Facebook page, the God-loving staff of Franklin’s Brothers’ Pizza Company announced that their Board of Directors has approved the sale of their business to “a couple of guys who know how to make a real New York-style pizza.” […]

Brooklyn Brothers’ Pizza—Changeover Brings Fantastic Pizza to Franklin TN

After several tries to “get the band back together,” my old pal Big Frank finally got The Snob Squad back together for another pizza-inspired Tennessee field trip. Big Frank was also the bearer of the exciting news that a drummer friend of his had teamed up with a pizza chef to bring some authentic pie […]

TOPPINGS – New York City Dollar-Pizza Guy

Here is a video produced by Elite Daily about a young New Yorker on a fun mission to visit and review every dollar slice pizza joint in New York City. While I wish him luck in his adventures, I must admit that my fear of inferior quality makes me avoid these places. However, after he […]

Granbury TX’s Nizza Pizza – Bringing Delicious Pizza (and More) to the Small Towns of Texas

Readers of this space know of my fondness for Nizza Pizza, one of the best places to get a classic slice of New York-style pizza in the Lone Star State. After first discovering their bedrock in Mrs. Pie’s hometown of Weatherford, I later visited a family-affiliated Nizza in Fort Worth. So when a late spring […]

Mike’s Pizzeria in Bayonne, NJ – A Great Name and a Great Slice

Yes, I found another great pizza place in my hometown between the bays! This one even has a name that I could relate to: Mike’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant. I was back home on a Sunday afternoon, and before the kickoff of the Giants game, I got hungry for a slice. Eagerly seeking out something […]