Brooklyn Brothers’ Pizza—Changeover Brings Fantastic Pizza to Franklin TN

Brooklyn Brothers Pizza - outside - RESIZEAfter several tries to “get the band back together,” my old pal Big Frank finally got The Snob Squad back together for another pizza-inspired Tennessee field trip. Big Frank was also the bearer of the exciting news that a drummer friend of his had teamed up with a pizza chef to bring some authentic pie to my hometown of Franklin. These two guys originally from Brooklyn took over the former Brothers Pizza Company and now call the place Brooklyn Brothers Pizza.

Getting right to the crust of the matter, what happened over on New Highway 96 was more than just tinkering with the name of a pizza joint. There is now a genuine New York-style pizza joint in Franklin that seems to serve up as the best pizza that the Best Small Town in Tennessee has to offer.

The Squad set its meeting for “Gary Cooper time” one recent Saturday shortly after the grand re-opening. It was great to see the old gang again, and in true Snob Squad style, everyone had skipped breakfast and was more than ready for some serious eating.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizza - inside - RESIZEThe place has yet to change much from its previous look. A temporary sign hung over the front door, and some New York-themed prints now covered the walls.

It was early, and we were their first customers. The four of us grabbed a booth ordering a large plain cheese pie (“18 inches for 18 smackers”). The guys also showed their feminine side ordering a large white pizza for which the Snob even broke protocol to try and actually like.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizza - counter - RESIZEI was excited to see on the menu that they will be selling slices a $2.75 a pop. You can also get subs, calzones, Strombolis, salads and Italian deserts. (Our sideline sampling of a meatball sub was as incredible as our closing cannoli.)

But as we had hoped, this place is all about the pizza, and it was outstanding! Our pie was skillfully served up delightfully hot and fresh, ready for us to dive right it. The tomato sauce and Mozzarella were delicious and they sat atop an equally tasteful, gently charred crust. It was a familiar tasting classic pie which made sense when I learned that the chef used to be the manager at West Nashville’s great NY Pie.

Brooklyn Brothers Pizza - slice - RESIZEIn taking with the master afterwards, he spoke of how he has been working on bettering his crust, and we all agreed he has come up with a tasty one.

It was pretty much a four thumbs up from The Snob Squad with the consensus being that a crisper crust would have taken this great pie another step towards perfection. Nonetheless, those two large pies disappeared fast with yours truly putting down five slices of delicious pizza before needing an afternoon nap on the couch!

Doug the IT guy, summed it up pretty well saying “This place is legit!” I couldn’t agree more and hereby dub it as the best pizza in Franklin, or Williamson County for that matter!

Do yourself a favor and help these guys get their great new pizza joint on the map.

PIZZA SNOB RATING **** ½ Nearer Perfection

Brooklyn Brothers’ Pizza
1441 Tennessee 96
Reid Hill Common, Corner of Downs Blvd and Hwy 96 W.
Franklin, TN 37064


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  1. I know where I’m having lunch on Saturday. I’m a Queens NY Pizza snob. I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for posting.

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