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Culaccino in Downtown Franklin, TN—A Great Neapolitan Pie Comes to Town

Mrs. Pie and I have lived in Franktown for over 20 years and have always loved our quaint historic downtown. Drive west on Highway 96 and you will eventually hit the circle and immediately feel its charm. Albeit small in quantity, the quality of the shops and spots to eat has been high. However, things […]

R.I.P.—Franklin TN’s Pizza & Cream

Some half-dozen years ago or so, a pizza joint named Pizza & Cream opened in a strip center off Highway 96/Murfreesboro Road in my hometown of Franklin. Clueless about what I could expect from the place, I tried on two different occasions to give it a try. On both attempts, I encountered notes on the […]

Roma Pizza & Pasta in Franklin, TN–Not That Thin Crust!

Recently, it dawned on me how little pizza I eat at home, instead saving up my calories for my travels. Then again, there are those times when it’s a been long time between trips, and I start savoring its taste as well as my desire to explore a new place. All this leads up to […]

UPDATE: Nick’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria in Franklin, TN Quietly Calls It Quits

Someone recently brought to my attention that Nick’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria in my hometown of Franklin had shut down for good. Not much of a fan of their pizza, nor were they on any of my local pizza bud’s radar, it was not surprising that I missed this old news. Word is that the […]

Pieology – A Major Pizza Disappointment for Downtown Franklin (TN)

The Snob moved to Franklin, TN in 1998. I love it here and plan on not living anywhere else. However, I’ve got a real bone to pick with this town, and it has a lot more to do with than just pizza! Franklin’s downtown has a beautiful square and historic district that is flanked by […]

UPDATE: Neapolitan-Certified Pizza-Maker Porta Via Shutters Franklin, TN Location

Original Review: 11/28/15 PIZZA SNOB RATING **** 1/2 Nearer Perfection Mrs. Pie and I saw this sad news a few weeks ago when we tried to make a gelato stop at Franklin’s Porta Via Italian Kitchen. Closed! According to the sign, the Nashville location on White Bridge Road will remain, albeit with a “brand redevelopment […]

Porta Via in Franklin, TN—A Certified Neapolitan Pizza Success!

Sometimes it’s a stretch for me to leave my New York-style pizza comfort zone to try a Neapolitan style pie, even when I know it’s gonna be good. While nothing could take the place of a nice crisp folded NY slice, the Snob has happened upon a few tasty Neapolitan pies. My first experience with […]

Nashville Pizza Company–Not in Nashville and Not Very Classic

Looking for more local pizza places to pick on, I decided to go back to a place I hadn’t visited in several years: Nashville Pizza Company. NPC currently operates two places in Franklin, but does not actually have a spot in the Music City. So let’s face it, why didn’t they call it the Franklin […]

UPDATE: The Market Closes for Franklin TN’s Wall Street Pizza

Original Review: 10/16/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** ½ Working on a Good Thing The Pizza Snob isn’t sure exactly when, but the once-promising Wall Street Pizza at the Moores Lane and Franklin Road shopping center has vanished. Their former space has been taken over by the expansion of their former neighbor, the ever-popular Sopapilla’s Mexican […]

UPDATE: Franklin’s (TN) Brothers’ Pizza Changes Hands

Original Review: 09/26/13 PIZZA SNOB RATING *** Better Than Dominos In a February 2nd message on their Facebook page, the God-loving staff of Franklin’s Brothers’ Pizza Company announced that their Board of Directors has approved the sale of their business to “a couple of guys who know how to make a real New York-style pizza.” […]