UPDATE: The Market Closes for Franklin TN’s Wall Street Pizza

Wall Street - outside2 - RESIZE

Original Review: 10/16/13

PIZZA SNOB RATING *** ½ Working on a Good Thing

The Pizza Snob isn’t sure exactly when, but the once-promising Wall Street Pizza at the Moores Lane and Franklin Road shopping center has vanished. Their former space has been taken over by the expansion of their former neighbor, the ever-popular Sopapilla’s Mexican restaurant.

Although I never got to pay them a return visit, I am always sorry to see a decent pizza joint go. The Snob’s write-up of Wall Street was one of the site’s most frequent hits due to their lack of a website.

I wish the former owners the best.


Wall Street Pizzeria
Davenport Boulevard
(Franklin Road at Moores Lane) Franklin, TN 37069
[no website]

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