Monthly Archives: September 2013

Franklin’s Brothers’ Pizza—An Average Pie with Good Intentions

Since his pizza-loving nephew Tayster was in town, the Snob decided they could explore together Brothers Pizza Company, a place the Snob had been once before several years ago. My recollection about it was neutral, obviously not impressed enough to make a return visit. So, the whole fam made the journey across town for a […]

UPDATE: Nashville’s Joey’s House of Pizza

Original Review: 09/05/12 Previous Rating: ***** Sets the Standard Music City pizza-lovers need not worry. Joey’s House of Pizza is not losing its five-slice rating. The Pizza Snob just wanted to gloat and boast about how his home town has one of the best pizza joints in the USA. It seems that as of late […]

UPDATE: Fellini’s Pizza in Atlanta

Original Review: 08/01/12 Previous Rating: **** Near Perfection My annual trip to ATL this summer made me realize one thing—the people in that town just don’t appreciate how good Fellini’s Pizza really is. It makes me cringe whenever it fails to be cited on local “best-of” lists. And, I sincerely apologize for not giving it […]

UPDATE: Nashville’s Five Points Pizza

Original Review: 08/25/12 Previous Rating: ***** Near Perfection I have nothing more to say other than that I mis-rated it the first time. Simply stated, Five Point Pizza makes a perfect slice of cheese pizza. The Snob has now made three follow-up visits, and each time I was served a flawless slice. Since my first […]

UPDATE: California’s Travelling Pie for the People

Original Review: 07/21/2012 Previous Rating: ***1/2 Working On A Good Thing The Kid and I recently made a return visit to the Forecastle music festival in Louisville. Our adventure again gave us the opportunity to sample wares of the nomadic version of California’s Pie for the People. The end result was my realization that the […]

Soulshine Pizza Factory—Nashville’s New Hot Spot Is Not For the Snob

The news broke last November that Mississippi-based Soulshine Pizza Factory would be opening its first out-of state location in Nashville. This Pizza Snob had zero interest after looking at its menu and pizza photos on its website. Nothing classic or traditional about this place that offered only gourmet-style pies overloaded with toppings. Not that there […]

Louisville’s BoomBozz Taphouse—A Pizza Joint Becomes a Sports Bar

The Snob as his alter ego, Music City Mike, and The Kid made their second annual trek to Louisville to spend a weekend at the incredible Forecastle Music Festival.  While the music scene in this great city never disappoints, The Pizza Snob still struggles to find good pizza there. We usually spend our days in […]

Mama’s Pizza—The Best in Fort Worth? No Way!

Mrs. Pie first told me about Fort Worth’s Mama’s Pizza back in the 80’s when we lived in the Lone Star State. She reminisced about loving their Hamburger Pizza in her high school days. That was a time when I didn’t trust eating any pizza in a Zip Code that didn’t start with a zero. […]