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Pizza East – London Hot Spot Serves a Sublime Neapolitan

The Pizza Snob is blessed to have fabulous friends to help support his pizza passion. Witness my recent business trip to London where my associates even went so far as to schedule an important dinner meeting at a pizza joint! I did however suggest moving us to an Indian restaurant that my American boss would […]

London’s Best American Pizza – Not at This Place

Thanks to my real job, I made my third trip to London in the last four years. While I absolutely adore the place, eating British-made pizza isn’t high on my list of things to do when I visit. However, the temptation is hard to resist, especially when I walk by a place named Best American […]

London, England’s Ecco Pizza—An Exquisitely Excellent Italian Pizza

In what has hopefully become an annual biz trip, the Pizza Snob got to travel once again to England, his second favorite country. While I certainly did not anticipate matching last year’s home run at London’s Mulberry Street, I was also quite skeptical about whether I’d even find another pizza place worth trying. That was until […]

London’s Pizza Express – About What An American Would Expect in England

After my surprising stellar experience at Mulberry Street in Bayswater, I had no desire to try any other London pizza. My travels through various parts of the city over the last two days revealed several pizza offerings, none of which were at all visually appetizing. However, the Snob’s cultural half, Music City Mike, arrived early […]

London, England’s Mulberry Street—New York-Style Pizza Excellence Across the Pond

Courtesy of a business trip, the Pizza Snob made his first trip to London in almost twenty years. While planning my visit, I simply could not resist the temptation to have my first international pizza-eating experience. A web search for “New York-style pizza in London” led me right to Mulberry Street where they boasted of […]