Monthly Archives: July 2015

London, England’s Ecco Pizza—An Exquisitely Excellent Italian Pizza

In what has hopefully become an annual biz trip, the Pizza Snob got to travel once again to England, his second favorite country. While I certainly did not anticipate matching last year’s home run at London’s Mulberry Street, I was also quite skeptical about whether I’d even find another pizza place worth trying. That was until […]

Lower Manhattan’s Steve’s Pizza—Yet another Run-of-the-Mill New York Slice

After having a yawn of a slice over at Stage Door Pizza, I still had more time to kill and thought I’d seek out another before catching the train back to Jersey. Googling about on my iPhone, I stumbled across a place called Steve’s Pizza. What caught my attention was some tourist’s remark that if […]

Lower Manhattan’s Stage Door Pizza—Just another Run-of-the Mill New York Slice

The Pizza Snob’s drizzly day in Manhattan was coming to an end. With still some time to kill before I needed to be anywhere, I thought I would see if I could scope out some new pie down near the World Trade Center where I’d be catching the train back to Jersey. Well, I thought […]

Manhattan’s Harry’s Italian—Spectacular Square Slices at 30 Rock

The Pizza Snob has had scant success in finding a decent slice of pizza in Midtown Manhattan. Determined to succeed on my last trip back for a biz meeting, my research uncovered Harry’s Italian which looked like a worthy place for me to try. Having only scoped out the basics of Harry’s location, I was […]

UPDATE: A Return Visit to Florida’s Panama (City) Pizzeria

Original Review: 08/10/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING     *1/2 Thinking About the Trashcan First Update: 09/21/14 PIZZA SNOB RATING     Withdrawn Before closing out this year’s Florida Panhandle vacation, the Pizza Snob had some unfinished business over at Panama Pizzeria. Last year’s adventure there resulted in a rather comical tale involving an extremely over-cooked slice that was in […]