Monthly Archives: December 2015

Joe’s Pizza—The Pizza Snob Finds a Perfect Slice on the Left Coast

Hard to believe that it was over 10 years since I last visited the Los Angeles area. Finally making my way back, I had a feeling that I would be able to find some good NY-style pizza there. If both the Dodgers and Giants baseball teams could make their way to California, I figured that […]

Big Ed’s Pizza—Oak Ridge, TN Pizza-Making Institution

As we exited I-40 for the city of Oak Ridge, it was totally lost on me when my travelling companion said he wondered if everyone would be singing “Elvira.” To me, the city had always been the place with the nuclear power plant you pass on the way to Knoxville from Nashville. I had never […]

Sal & Carmine Pizza—New York Slice Perfection on the Upper West Side

The Pizza Snob is a master at the art of working a pizza stop into almost any situation. With this having so far been a low-volume pizza trip to New York, a Saturday slice adventure was a must. In addition, with back-to-back Margherita experiences, it was time to return to the basics with a New […]

L’asso Pizza—A Great Margherita Slice in NOLITA

Anytime spent in the New York City area with Mrs. Pie means at least one dinner in Little Italy. While we never know where we are going or remember where we went, we always seem to have a satisfying dinner and a great time. We arrived in the city just before 6pm to secure some […]

Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn–Yep, It’s the Real Deal

It only took three years for the Pizza Snob to finally get to Juliana’s Pizza, Patsy Grimaldi’s much-ballyhooed return to the pizza biz. Located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, along with his namesake Grimaldi’s and the unheralded Ignazio’s, this last leg of the Brooklyn Pizza Triangle truly lived up to my expectations. It was fantastic. As […]

New York City’s Solo Pizza—Snob Finds a Perfect Slice in Alphabet City

It was a nice quiet late summer Sunday evening in Manhattan. One of those nights when it seemed like no one was out doing anything. They were either slow in getting back from the beach, or just home retiring early before another work week began. The Snob was on holiday tomorrow, so I was free […]

La Margarita—A Pretty Good Slice of Pizza on Manhattan’s LES

Exploring the Lower East Side on foot, I knew that sooner or later I would find a new pizza joint to sample. I eventually stumbled upon La Margarita on a darkened and cluttered section of Ludlow Street. With a name like theirs (which I had last seen at a popular Mexican restaurant in San Antonio) […]