New York City’s Solo Pizza—Snob Finds a Perfect Slice in Alphabet City

Solo Pizza - outside - RESIZEIt was a nice quiet late summer Sunday evening in Manhattan. One of those nights when it seemed like no one was out doing anything. They were either slow in getting back from the beach, or just home retiring early before another work week began.

The Snob was on holiday tomorrow, so I was free to venture about carefree and easy. My musical engagement at the downtown City Winery was still a few hours away. So, I found a pizza target across town on Avenue B that I know zilch about, but felt was worth a try. It was called Solo Pizza. An online review called Solo’s slice “the most underrated in the City.” Well folks, I am now about to do my best to change that—their slice is fabulous!

There once was a time that “Alphabet City” was a good place not to visit. But, times have certainly changed in the post-Giuliani Manhattan. I was surprised to find that Solo Pizza was even a swanky-looking place—both inside and out. They even have a logo! In fact, my initial fear was that it was too nice a place to make a great slice.

Solo Pizza - inside - RESIZESolo is just a small place with a few booths and tables. Their plain cheese slice was $2.75. After a quick reheat under a minute, I was presented a slice with absolutely perfect dimensions. Maybe I should start using a ruler, but they nailed the thickness of this one to a tee!  The cheese and tomato sauce were blended together just right, and there was a light visible coating of oil on top—just enough that it ran gently off the slice without gushing.

Solo Pizza - slice - RESIZEAfter easily making a perfect fold, I bit and entered a world of flavor extravaganza! I just wanted to hold it in my mouth to savor how good it tasted. I really think the oil did a lot towards bringing the flavor of this slice to life. It was seasoned just right and not overdone. While it took less than a minute to heat, it took the Snob even less time to eat.

I made sure to compliment my server on the way out the door. This was just a wonderful pizza experience that anyone within the vicinity needs to try. Solo makes a perfect slice of pizza!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ***** Sets the Standard
Solo Pizza
27 Avenue B (between 2nd & 3rd Street)
New York, NY 10009



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