Monthly Archives: January 2013

Nizza Pizza – Weatherford (TX) Lands a Great One!

After our recent holiday pizza night with pies from Weatherford landmark, The Pizza Place, my young nephew The Tay-ster told me I had to try Nizza Pizza. Always eager to accept an assignment, I made plans for a solo visit the next day when I would be doing my usual last minute Christmas shopping. Well, […]

Mafiaoza’s – Nashville’s Hip Spot Still Disappoints

­­The Pizza Snob panned Mafiaoza’s Pizzeria & Neighborhood Pub big-time back in an earlier story I wrote on pizza in Music City. I caught some heat about this from a few friends and fans, so since I based this opinion on a bad birthday experience several years back, I decided to give it another try. […]

Fort Worth, TX – Why Are All the Pizza Places Named Joe’s?

While on my Snob Christmas holiday in Texas, my two sons, and I, along with the Tay-ster, planned our annual trip to pick through used CDs and books at several Half Price Books stores’ annual 20% off sale. Last year’s jaunt presented a Joe’s Pizza something-or–other that wasn’t too bad.  In planning this year’s eats, […]

The Pizza Place – A Weatherford (TX) Institution

Mrs. Pie hails from the great state of Texas–specifically the town of Weatherford, population 25,000. Dubbed the Peach Capital of Texas, it is located half an hour west of Fort Worth. When we were first married, there seemed to be only a few signs of civilization to this Jersey boy, but today, just about every […]

Old Chicago Pizza Comes to Town – NY-Style Comes Up Short

The Pizza Snob had no vision of ever writing about chains when he started this blog some six months ago.  My intention was to focus solely on local Mom and Pop pizza makers. However, I did find it fun to write about supermarket pizza and even the mega-chain Sbarro. There are a few other prominent […]

Impellizzeri’s Pizza – a String Cheese Incident in Louisville, KY

Louisville has grown to become one of my favorite cities. Apparently, the rest of the world is coming around since Australian-based Lonely Planet has just named it the top US tourist destination of 2013. Louisville, Kentucky is a great place to see historic architecture, shop in unique stores, enjoy a wide variety of food, and […]

Memphis Pizza Cafe – A Tasty Twist on Tradition

It was Christmas and that meant our annual drive to Texas to spend the holiday with Sweetie Pie’s family. Not wanting to seriously delay our twelve-hour journey, I had no set stops in mind but planned to keep my pizza-radar turned on at all times.  We wound up getting a late start and as a […]