Nizza Pizza – Weatherford (TX) Lands a Great One!

After our recent holiday pizza night with pies from Weatherford landmark, The Pizza Place, my young nephew The Tay-ster told me I had to try Nizza Pizza. Always eager to accept an assignment, I made plans for a solo visit the next day when I would be doing my usual last minute Christmas shopping. Well, despite his strange attraction to Pizza Hut, that young lad may have a future as a Snob after all.  His recommendation turned out to be a wonderful surprise!

Nizza Pizza - RESIZE

Nizza Pizza (I can’t say that I like the name) is on South Main just a few blocks from The Pizza Place on the same side of the street. It’s in a free standing building that once housed a fast food joint.  They offer take-out, drive through, and sit down from counter service. Their tables are adorned with the traditional red and white check tablecloths, and in addition to pizza they offer a fairly extensive menu of Italian dishes. Spying some mouth-watering cannolis at the counter, for a minute I thought I was in New York City.

After a warm, friendly greeting at the counter, I ordered the attractively-priced $4.75 lunch special of two slices (with one topping if I wanted) and a large drink. I was later graced with even more kindness when the gal behind the counter came by to return a dollar when she saw that I was only drinking water.  I was impressed!

Nizza Pizza inside - RESIZE

While waiting, I read the news clippings on the wall learning that the owner grew up in a family pizza business in the Bronx.  He came to the Lone Star state to open up a joint in Arlington. He met his wife there, sold the place (it’s still there), got restless, and in 2008 opened this joint in Weatherford and one in Granbury, an even smaller town 25 miles south.

My two cheese slices were delish!  Reheated and delivered perfectly cooked, they folded nicely and stood at crisp attention awaiting my bite.  They also allowed me an ideal “Fold and Rip” finish.  The sauce and cheese were in just the right amounts, and the precisely thin slices were sprinkled with tasty oregano. My only issue was that they had a little too much oil, so I took the liberty of draining my slices before I ate them. They were quite flavorful.

Nizza Pizza slices - RESIZE

Nizza Pizza rightfully describes itself as New York style. This is absolutely the best NY pie that I have ever had west of the Mississippi!  It is certainly on par with the best the East Coast has to offer. I am still in shock that Weatherford has a place this good.  More so, I can’t believe that I had never before tried it.

I simply can’t wait to make a return visit and look forward to tasting some of their other dishes as well. I suspect that next year there will be a change in our family tradition!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     ****1/2 Nearer Perfection

Nizza Pizza
1016 S. Main Street
Weatherford, TX  76086



  1. Cindy Lushaj · · Reply

    Wow! Thank you so much! I’m the “gal” who served you that day (I’m also “the wife”). Your post had me smiling and laughing out loud!

    We would love to share this blog post on our Facebook page, web page, and on the wall of our restaurant; would you mind?

    I just LOVE your blog; I’ve been called a “pizza snob”, myself, from time to time.

    We really appreciate your work, and your taking the time to write about our little family restaurant. It means so much.

    With sincere gratitude, Cindy Lushaj Nizza Pizza

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I haven’t been to the Weatherford or Granbury locations, but as a transplanted New Yorker here in Waco Texas, I was eager to try Nizza Pizza when I read about them in the Trib. I went by the next day and had was so happy to see those pizza ovens! Flat bottomed and hot as hell – the ONLY way to correctly cook a pizza! I had the lunch special – 2 slices and a coke from the fountain, just like home! The pizza was, just as you described, thin and just the right amount of crispy, perfect blend of sauce and cheese, and hot out of the CORRECT type of oven to cook a pizza in! I went back that Friday after work and got 2 pies to go for dinner for me and my kids. I’ll definitely be eating lots of Nizza Pizza!!!

    1. So glad you liked it. Oddly I was just in Waco and forgot that they were there! I went to another place that was quite disappointing–review if forthcoming.

  3. You will be happy to know this location is as good as ever 7 years later!

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