Monthly Archives: November 2013

Pizza Places That Even a Desperate Pizza Snob Won’t Try

Here’s a start at something I am hoping that others might add to: photos of pizza for sale in strange places. To help you participate in this project, I suggest that you have a look at a great new iPhone photo-sharing app called “OKDOTHIS.” If you go there you will find that I started this […]

Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza—Could This Be New Jersey’s Best?

Heading out for the evening in Jersey with enough time for a pizza stop, I took counsel from the 2010 article in New Jersey Monthly on the state’s “25 Perfect Pizzas.” Unfamiliar to me, I picked Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth—they’d been in business since 1918. I easily found the joint next to a […]

NY Pizza Suprema, New York, NY – Is it Really the Best Slice in Manhattan?

Following the lead of the Slice Harvester, I set out to taste the pie at NY Pizza Suprema in Midtown Manhattan across from Madison Square Garden. Harvester is the Brooklyn dude who visited and blogged about eating at every pizza joint in the City. He gave Suprema his only perfect score. On their website you […]

New York Penn Station’s Finest—Don Pepi Pizza

Being back in the City for me means two things: live music and pizza. In town for a show, I parked the car down in the Village and hopped on an uptown train with plans of first checking out two pizza joints recommended to me by my readers. The first was Don Pepi Pizza which […]

Bayonne NJ’s Venice Restaurant—Tasty Thin Pizza Tradition Thrives On

In revisiting the pizza of his home town, The Pizza Snob was uncertain about the current status of the Venice Restaurant. I grew up down the street from The Venice, so you could say The Snob’s standards were set by this place. Quite often, my Dad and I would shoot a game of pool in […]

Newark’s Dickie Dee’s Pizza—I Shoulda Had a Hot Dog Instead

Some non-pizza business brought me back to Jersey, so I got the notion to see what kind of pizza I could find in Newark. Who better for me to ask than my Twitter friend, Mayor Cory Booker?  Well, I never heard back from him. I guess my tweet got lost among the 76,058 tweeters he […]