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Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub – Louisville Favorite Fails to Win over the Snob

If you search on-line for what locals think is the best pizza in Louisville, Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub is almost always at the top if not on top. Will somebody please tell me what I am missing? I walked by Wick’s last year while making my way to Spinelli’s Pizzeria which is so far […]

UPDATE: Spinelli’s Pizzeria—“Punk Rock Pizzeria” on Louisville’s Baxter Ave.

Original Review: 7/25/12 Previous Rating: ***1/2 Better Than Dominos Late one night two years ago, after rocking out at the Forecastle Festival, my son and I grabbed some not so quick slices at the busy downtown Spinelli’s Pizzeria. They weren’t bad, but were clearly not worth the effort. However, on my trips to Louisville since […]

Louisville’s BoomBozz Taphouse—A Pizza Joint Becomes a Sports Bar

The Snob as his alter ego, Music City Mike, and The Kid made their second annual trek to Louisville to spend a weekend at the incredible Forecastle Music Festival.  While the music scene in this great city never disappoints, The Pizza Snob still struggles to find good pizza there. We usually spend our days in […]

Impellizzeri’s Pizza – a String Cheese Incident in Louisville, KY

Louisville has grown to become one of my favorite cities. Apparently, the rest of the world is coming around since Australian-based Lonely Planet has just named it the top US tourist destination of 2013. Louisville, Kentucky is a great place to see historic architecture, shop in unique stores, enjoy a wide variety of food, and […]

Bowling Green, KY’s Lost River Pizza Company – Where’s the Tradition?

Since Music City Mike doesn’t have his own blog yet, we currently allow him some space here. Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball tour was atop my 2012 list of fave events, so in November I decided to head to Louisville to see just one more show. Bowling Green lies between Nashville and there.  It is a city […]

Pizza On the Road – Louisville, KY

As a part of Music City Mike‘s recent trip to the Forecastle Festival with the I Phone Kid, the Snob got to conduct his first planned pizza-hunting exploration of another city. Louisville has always been one of my favorite places to visit and in the past I had only dined for pie at The Original […]