Monthly Archives: March 2013

Marco’s Pizza – A Tasty Thin Take-Away

The Pizza Snob recently gave you the how-to’s of pizza delivery. I prefer not to order out these days, but when I do locally, I order from Marco’s Pizza, a chain of about 250 company-owned and franchised locations scattered around the country. A few years back, they took over the space previously occupied by the […]

Sloatsburg, NY’s Sunnyside’s Bar & Grill—Out-of-the-Way But Incredible Pizza!

During his last trip back home, the Snob’s alter ego, Music City Mike, was once again lucky enough to see a house concert at Live @ Drew’s in Ringwood, NJ. This time, it was the gritty but sometimes tender songs of New York City’s Jesse Malin & the St. Mark’s Social.  Jesse rocked the house […]

St. Marks 2 Bros. Pizza – You Get What You Pay For

After our fabulous dining experience at Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza, Dodger Fan and I left the car in Brooklyn and hopped on the M Train to Manhattan. Since it was such a beautiful, sunny winter’s day to enjoy a walk in the City, our destination was The High Line.  There and back, we couldn’t help […]