Monthly Archives: August 2012

Nashville West – NY Pie

It’s no East Nashville, but there recently have been some exciting new developments on the west side of the city. Music City Mike – the Snob’s alter-ego – routinely travels out Charlotte Ave. to pick the used CD bins of Great Escape and McKay.  Both establishments are relatively new to the area. NY Pie is one […]

Five Points Pizza – East Nashville Hip

“Everybody’s trying to get their kicks, living in 37206.” So sings Elmo Buzz, the alter ego of Americana Music hero Todd Snider. Elmo Buzz and the Eastside Bulldogs are a band famous for only having played shows in the zip code lovingly known as East Nashville. Let’s first set the story straight – there really […]

Music City – Pizza Perfect – It Sure Is!

Hillsboro Village is just downright one of the best spots in town. Whether it’s grabbing a great meal at Fido (a gourmet restaurant disguised as a coffee shop) or seeing a concert at the wonderfully intimate Belcourt Theatre, despite the tourist draw of Pancake Pantry, the Village is among the Snob’s favorite hip Nashville haunts. […]

Music City – Lunch at Manny’s House of Pizza

A few weeks ago, the Snob gave you a list of the five best joints for NY-style pie in Nashville. He has since visited all five and is ready to give you his run-down on each. And the Snob is going to make it easy for you to decide where to eat, as it may […]

The Puffy Pie – Sicilian Pizza & Pasta (Nashville)

You know what I’m talking about. That little round “personal” pizza that is puffy because it has way too much cheese and dough. It’s light and fluffy and also undercooked because it wasn’t made in a conventional pizza oven. The cheese doesn’t cling to the oversized crust and it also has those light brown toast […]

Franklin, TN – My Hometown Pie

So let the truth be known that Music City Mike doesn’t actually live in Nashville. Although he does work and spend a lot of his time there, the place where he mows the lawn on Saturday and puts his head on the pillow every night next to his Sweetie Pie is the great town of Franklin, […]

Eating A Slice – The Fold and the Rip

As I have said before, I grew up in the pizza-loving town of Bayonne, NJ where there was either a pizza joint or pizza-making bar on every corner. Take-out pizza was also a family affair at home. I remember how Mom would send me down to the bar on the corner to pick up a […]

On the Road – Atlanta, GA – Fellini’s Pizza and More

Music City Mike has always loved Atlanta. And living just 3 ½ hours away has made ATL a frequent destination for me to see bands whose tour is skipping Nashville (Radiohead, Springsteen and Nick Lowe so far this year), an occasional Braves game and also to take my lovely wife, Mrs. Sweetie Pie, for a getaway […]