Nashville West – NY Pie

It’s no East Nashville, but there recently have been some exciting new developments on the west side of the city. Music City Mike – the Snob’s alter-ego – routinely travels out Charlotte Ave. to pick the used CD bins of Great Escape and McKay.  Both establishments are relatively new to the area.

NY Pie is one of several new eateries in this area, and the Snob loves to visit it.  It can be found within the new box store haven known as Nashville West Shopping Center. One of my good buds, Steve the Bass-man (, was first to tell me about this place, and his enthusiasm about it got me real excited. Since then, it has become one of my regular go-to pizza spots.  It even was the site of my last birthday party.

The folks running NY Pie are the real deal. Coming to Nashville from the Garden State of New Jersey, they brought with them a love for making pies the classic way. NY Pie is convenient to both the interstate and Old Hickory Boulevard, making the drive to enjoy a pie on their outdoor patio not that far out of the way from Nashville proper.

The Snob has made several trips to NY Pie, and recently, on his first “official” visit shared a large cheese pie with The Philosopher. (They also sell slices.) At NY Pie I order mine “extra crispy” which they know how to do and get right every time. I thought that the cheese and sauce couldn’t be any better.  While the crust was cooked superbly, I found it just a tad too thick.  On this occasion, I also thought that the crust may have had a little flakey texture to it. The Philosopher theorized that they may have gotten a bit heavy-handed with one of the ingredients. Unfortunately, my pizza-making science hasn’t developed enough to quite figure that one out yet.

As a Snob I reserve the right to be picky, but – the slight crust imperfection aside – this is a great place run by great people. I recommend it to be your go-to place for good New York style pie when you find yourself on the west side of town. Their name ain’t lying!

PIZZA SNOB RATING     **** Near Perfection
NY Pie
Nashville West Shopping Center
6800 Charlotte Pike #105
Nashville, TN 37209


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